Teaching with Primary Sources

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A World's Fair Scrapbook

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A World's Fair Scrapbook
Grades 4-12 | Society & Culture | Teaching with Primary Sources
This interactive scrapbook invites students to reconstruct the journey of 1962 high schooler Jane Morton as she travels with her school band from the Midwest to the World's Fair in Seattle. By using newspaper clippings, patches, snapshots, receipts and letters students practice using ephemera to explore the past. There are opportunities to contrast modes of communication, means of travel and teenage culture from the early 1960s to today.

Documenting Key Presidential Decisions
Grades 6-13+ | Social Studies | Teaching with Primary Sources
In this activity, students will identify and analyze documents related to key presidential decisions. Through close examination of the documents, students will determine which president was involved. Students will then identify the Presidential Library associated with the documents on the map.

From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of African American History
Grades 9-13+ | Social Studies | Teaching with Primary Sources

This presentation uses Library of Congress primary sources to introduce African-American history. Explore the key events in African American history from slavery to the Civil Rights Movement.


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