KQED at the Annual VidCon Conference 2018

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This June, KQED Education attended VidCon 2018, the largest multi-genre online video conference. Made for creators and viewers of the online video industry, Vidcon brings together a global community of over 30,000 fans, creators, and industry leaders who want to teach and learn valuable lessons about this rapidly evolving and developing technology.

This year's superstar Myles Bess, host from the Above the Noise YouTube series, was the MC of two events at VidCon that brought together some of the most popular educational content creators on YouTube, such as the creators of It’s OK to Be Smart, Braincraft, The Art Assignment, Eons, SpaceTime, Seeker, Brainscoop, and Hot Mess.

Myles hosted PBS Nerd Night, a series of TED-style talks and Trivia Throwdown with PBS Digital Studios, a fun, competitive battle of the minds.  He also filmed the new Above the Noise YouTube episode, Can You Trust YouTubers Anymore?, which explores the huge rise of influencer marketing in YouTube.

For the new Above the Noise episode, Myles Bess interviewed Cassie Roma, an expert on influencer marketing, about how social media influencers have dramatically changed the way brands sell products to teens.

‘Go Above the Noise’ is a video and article package on KQED Learn, which provides students’ a safe, collaborative space for inquiry-based learning and media making. Every other week, we’ll bring you a new topic and question to analyze and discuss with your students. To learn more about how you can implement inquiry learning in your classroom with KQED Learn, check out the following resources:


Teaching Inquiry and Collaboration with Above the Noise:

For more tips on how to help students use and consume media today, check out the blog post,  The Top VidCon Takeaways for Teachers, written by educator and VidCon participant, Teresa Mobley.

About Above The Noise host, Myles Bess

Myles is an Oakland native and the host of KQED and PBS Digital Studios web series Above The Noise. When he's not hosting he's finishing his undergrad at San Francisco State University where he majors in Broadcast and Electronic Communication. Previously Myles was a broadcast journalist at Oakland based non-profit, Youth Radio, where he reported on a range of topics covering juvenile justice, education, and community organizing issues that were published in the San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, & Marketplace. He hopes to expand his understanding of multimedia while exploring issues that he feels strongly about.