The Science of the Human Body: PBS LearningMedia Resources

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Explore the science of the human body with PBS LearningMedia! In recognition of Nutrition Awareness Month, PBS LearningMedia is turning the spotlight on the processes and systems that keep the human body in motion. Choose from a robust collection of interactive resources, videos, and lesson plans below - and remember to create an account for full access to the site!

The Powerhouse of the Cell
Grades 9-12 | Video | Cell Structure & Function
Invite your students to examine the microscopic elements that keep the human body in motion.This video segment describes the critical role that mitochondria play in nearly every cellular process in your body.

The Genetics of Obesity
Grades 6-12 | Video | Mind and Body
Consider the physiological basis of appetite regulation and emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and exercise with this resource from NOVA scienceNOW. meet researchers who are studying obesity and trying to understand the role that hormones and genetics can play in regulating appetite.

Nutrition: What Your Body Needs
Grades 5-8 | Blended Lesson | Nutrition
What makes a food healthy? This interactive online lesson for blended learning explores why certain foods are a better source of energy and nutrients than others - and takes a closer look at the role nutrition can play in managing diseases. For more blended lessons, explore the Walmart Middle School Literacy Initiative here.


Food Scientist
Grades 4-6 | Video | Career Profile
Tie lessons on health and nutrition to real-world careers! Learn about food scientist Corey Scott in this profile from DragonflyTV. In this video profile, Scott researches the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables to help develop healthier snacks.

Body Needs
Grades 3-8 | Interactive | Nutrients
How do our bodies use food? This interactive feature from the NOVA "Dying to Be Thin" Web site describes the nutritional needs of the body and how to meet them. Use this interactive to reinforce lessons about nutrition and the human body.

I Want Cake
Grades PreK-1 | Collection | Nutrition
Help young learners understand basic nutritional concepts using this resource from Sid the Science Kid. Using this resource group, students learn that the best way to stay healthy is by eating nutritious food. Sid and his friends discover that only eating cake would make their bodies feel terrible. The resource group includes eight video segments, including a live action segment, as well as an associated activity.