From ZomBees to Zombie Autopsies: Five Lessons for Teaching Halloween

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From parasitic flies inhabiting the bodies of honeybees to electronic devices that drink power, Halloween can be incorporated into a variety of subjects. Use this collection of spooky resources from PBS LearningMedia to connect Halloween to learning.

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ZomBees: Flight of the Living Dead | Science Video

Something strange is happening to Bay Area honeybees. Entomologists at San Francisco State University have identified the culprit: a tiny parasitic fly is causing the bees to exhibit bizarre nocturnal behaviors before suffering a gruesome demise.

The Zombie Autopsies | Science Lesson


This lesson from PBS NewsHour, The Zombie Autopsies, teaches students about neurotransmitters, neurotransmission and neuroanatomy through multi-media and active learning games. This lesson was inspired by The Zombie Autopsies by Dr. Steven Schlozman.

Energy Vampires | Science Lesson

An "energy vampire" is an electronic device that drinks power even when it is not being used. Like computers in standby mode or chargers that are done charging. Spooky, huh? Take a look at this slideshow, from The Greens, and slay the energy vampires in your house! The Greens is a website for kids from WGBH about sustainability and green living.

Sharing Halloween Candy | Math Lesson

This fun math lesson from Cyberchase teaches division through sharing Halloween candy. Framing, focusing and follow up teaching tips are included.

Halloween History: U.S. Department of the State | Primary Document

Like other American holidays, Halloween customs evolved from a mix of traditions. This backgrounder teaches the history of Halloween. Included in resources is a useful glossary of terms.