Create Quick Customized Learning Experiences with the PBS LearningMedia Lesson Builder

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Create and assign interactive, media rich lessons in three short steps with the Lesson Builder in PBS LearningMedia. The Lesson Builder productivity tool provides an easy way to design a customized learning experience for your students. Flip your classroom, create quick assessments or create group assignments in PBS LearningMedia. This video provides a few ideas for using lessons in PBS LearningMedia.

Flipped Learning
Add media to a lesson, and assign to students to individually preview before an activity. Students simply click on the open link and view the media and are ready to participate in the class activity.

Quick Assessment
Create a lesson and include questions to be answered after viewing media to check for understanding. Students watch the video and answer the question or questions that you have included.

Group Assignments
Create several lessons for students to work on in groups to collaborate and communicate about concepts.


Example: (Full example created by Jamie Maratz can be found here.) Divide class into groups of 3. Each student is then assigned a specific: Lesson A, B or C.

Each student reviews the media within the assigned lesson individually, then come together in a group with others that have been assigned the same lesson. The students then work with their specific group to come to a collective understanding of the media within the lesson and respond to individual prompts within lessons.

And those are a few ways lessons in PBS LearningMedia can enhance and personalize learning. How is PBS LearningMedia supporting your learning goals? Find more ideas for using media to enhance learning at Share how you are using media @kqededspace.