Back to School Series: 10 Videos for Putting the "A" in STEM

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The "STEAM" initiative invites the integration of  arts into STEM education while emphasizing innovation. Get creative this school year and bring the arts into your teaching and learning with this sampling of resources from KQED and PBS LearningMedia.

Arts in Science

Color by Nano: The Art of Kate Nichols | Video | Grades 6-12
Artist Kate Nichols, the first artist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory synthesizes her own nanoparticles for artwork.  By making her own nanoparticles, Kate integrates the arts into her laboratory work. From the laboratory to the studio, see how Kate uses the phenomenon known as "structural color" to transform nanotechnology into creativity.


Claude Monet's Ultraviolet Eye | Video | Grades 6-12
Claude Monet had a very unique eye and it can teach us a bit about the science of vision. Join Joe Hanson, host of It's Okay To Be Smart, as he explores Claude Monet's ultraviolet eye.

Invisible Forces: Ned Kahn | Video | Grades 4-12

In this video segment from Spark, meet a scientist and artist who uses wind, water and gravity to create art showing forces of nature.

Arts in Math

Peg + Cat Collection | Video | Grades Pre-K-3
The Peg + Cat Collection features math-based video series and online resources to introduce and reinforce early math concepts to students with video clips, lesson plans, and interactive games.  Each 11 minute video of the animated series adds entertainment to the word problems to make them exciting.  Additionally, the online games and resources add a creative twist to the word problems at hand.

Jack and the Giants and the Math Challenge | Lesson Plan | Grades 1-3, 13 +
Combining elements of art with mathematics, this lesson plan involves students in creating and solving a word problem related to counting money, developing a script for a short scene, and then performing it with elements of performance.  There are three options, depending on class level, for this lesson: a reflection, a short activity to present findings and a longer project to perform their findings.

Doc Squad Collection | Video | Grades 5 & 8
Each video in this collection introduces a real-world math problem and gives the necessary information to solve the problem.  Use videos to reinforce math learning skills through problem solving surrounding: formula for volume, dividing fractions by whole numbers, the Pythagorean Theorem, and the distance formula. The Doc Squad video series introduces key Common Core concepts in 5th and 8th grade math and middle school English Arts. Student handouts accompany each video with step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problems along with teacher handouts to provide explanations of the solved problems.

 Arts in Technology

Natural Selection | Video | Grades 6-13 +
The video Natural Selection, produced by KQED, explores Swarm Gallery as they open the two-person exhibition, Natural Selection, featuring artists Vaughn Bell and Josh Keyes.  Bell's work involving both living and fabricated natural objects, conveys a natural outdoor environment in an artificial gallery setting.  His artwork reflects the Seattle-based interests in public spaces and innovation.

Off Book | Video | Grades 6-12
Off Book, is a PBS web series that explores new artwork, the internet culture and the people that create it. In The Art of Data Visualization, Off Book looks at the way the practice of data visualization has gained significance in today's digital age.  From pop info graphics to scientific visualization, Off Book shows the way designers now incorporate data into all aspects of media, particularly the realm of art.

Zeega | Video | Grades 6-13+
In an episode of Art School, Zeega's creators discuss the tool, where Zeega got its name, why it is a unique tool for storytelling and then demonstrate how to create your own Zeega using GIFs from the Internet. Zeega is a new platform for organizing media on the Internet to create interactive videos.  This tool allows users to remix, create and practice the art of storytelling in a new digital way.

SF Jazz | Video | Grades 7-10
The SFJAZZ Jazz in the Middle Program links jazz with academic subjects in order to provide an arts education.  The program exposes students to the teachings of professional jazz artists and San Francisco poet laureate by bringing music into the language arts classroom.   Spark goes into the classrooms to help students participate in this program so they can perform their own poems with jazz musicians.

PBS LearningMedia, a digital media library of over 100,000 video clips, lesson plans and  interactive games including STEAM-powered lessons. Use public media resources to integrating the arts into all aspects of teaching.