Elementary Games for School Break Learning

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Learning doesn't have to come to a halt when students are on school break. PBS LearningMedia has many educational resources that can activate kids during school break days. Here is a small sampling taken from PBS LearningMedia. Create a free PBS LearningMedia account for full access to a treasure trove of games and videos for learning.

Ages 4- 6

How Big Are You?
Estimate the length of various dinosaurs using modern animals as non-standard units of measurement.

Dress for the Weather
Learn more about the seasons and help George dress for the right time of year with this interactive game.

Super Readers Challenge
Play this Super WHY! game, Super Readers Challenge, to practice the alphabet, rhyming, reading, and spelling based on letters and


Ages 7-9
Letter -s- Sounds
In this game learn words that contain the letter “s” and recognize the sounds the letter can make.

Freddy's Carnival Countoff
In this game practice math skills by playing various carnival games involving counting and estimation.

Hurray for Arrays
Practice the process of multiplication as repeatedly adding the same number, counting by multiples, combining equal sets, and making arrays.

Supermarket Botany
Categorize foods while learning about plant structures and their functions. Supermarket foods like carrots, asparagus, lettuce, oranges, and peanuts are actually edible roots, stems, leaves, fruits, flowers, or seeds.

Ages 10-12

Mission Magnetite
In this Cyberchase game, try to stop Hacker by matching up percentages
with their equivalent fraction and picture representations.

How Does Government Affect Me?
Examine the different ways local government plays a part in our daily lives.

Microscope Activity
Learn to use dissecting and compound microscopes to examine cells in a virtual
biology lab.