Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

A photo illustration with torn up pieces of white and grey pieces of paper. Each has an excerpt from a report from the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury.

SF Supervisors Unhappy With City's Lack of Action to Protect Bayview-Hunters Point Residents From Toxic Sea Level Rise

Why Heat Wave Warnings Are Falling Short in the US

The image shows two electric car charging stations on either side of an empty parking space. The stations are tall white booths with long black hoses that plug into and charge electric cars. A worker in a white hard hat, blue jeans and a blue jacket reaches up toward the top of one charging station. In the background of the image are cars in a mall parking lot in front of unidentified storefronts, a large, leafy green tree and a tall palm tree.

Ballot Fight Over Electric Car Tax Splits Newsom From Fellow Democrats

A man and a boy stand in a sprinkler at a park.

What the Climate Crisis Has to Do With This Heat Wave — and What You Can Do About It

Driver filling up gas in the Bay Area

In Sonoma County, Cities Are Banning New Gas Stations

a sun flare over an electric tower

Entire Bay Area Under Heat Advisory as Scorching Temperatures Increase Risk of Blackouts, Extreme Fire Danger

Two children play in a playground sprinkler, with a dolphin-water cave, as a woman looks on.

Bay Area Heat: How to Stay Cool and Safe During Dangerously Hot Weather

dead fish in the mud

‘It’s an Unimaginable Number of Fish’

California Heat Wave Raises Risk of Power Outages, Fires