Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

Bay waves wash over San Francisco's Embarcadero as a young boy stands ankle deep, watching the waves.

Bay Area King Tide Floods Foreshadow Future Climate Risk

Cartoon: people in downtown San Francisco standing in water, we see a fish talk to another fish, saying, "they call it 'king tide,' but I call it 'low tide of the future'."

A Watery Sneak Peek

The branches that the worker carries are about two or three times the size of the employee. The hill has dense foliage.

Ahead of California's Ban on Gas-Powered Tools, Some Landscapers Call the State's Subsidy Inadequate

An aerial shot of the nuclear plant, which contains two large silos, various buildings, a large parking lot and vats of water, all located a few yards off the beach.

California's Last Nuclear Plant Is Slated to Close by 2025. Why Some Scientists Worry That Could Be Bad News for Carbon Emissions

A man with jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt paints a yellow mural on the street.

'Rolling Deep': Here's How Latinos Are Reshaping California Environmentalism

How to Overcome Climate Anxiety

Cartoon: A dirty coal train port terminal with a young boy and girl walking by. The boy says, "the good news is they're banning coal storage by 2027, the bad news is it's 2021."

Time to Switch Tracks

Large rocks separate a row of beachfront homes from the rising tide. A surfer looks on from a pier in the foreground.

Southern California Amtrak Line Offers Up-Close View of Climate Change's Impact on Beaches

Three mask wearing climate activists grip a red velvet rope. One holds up a sign that says "keep 1.5C alive."

COP26 Negotiators Debating Agreement Calling For an End to Coal and Fossil Fuel Subsidies