Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

Bay Area Heat Wave: How to Stay Safe During Dangerously Hot Weather

Young Activists March From Paradise to SF in 100 Degree Heat to Protest Climate Crisis

Chardonnay grapevines in the Russian River Valley flood on March 12, 2018, near Sebastopol, California.

How Capturing Floodwaters Can Reduce Flooding and Combat Drought

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing aliens flying over the Bay Area with lights and warnings on their dashboard that read, "mega drought, carbon levels and extreme fire danger," as one alien says, "I thought you said this planet could support life!"

A Tough Time to Colonize

California Not Doing as Well as It Thinks in Reducing Carbon, Investigation Finds

A 266-Mile Walk: Youth Climate Activists March From Paradise to San Francisco

Dutch Court First to Order an Oil Company to Slash Net Emissions

Calif. Offshore Wind Will Require a Feat of Engineering. And That's Not Even the Hard Part

A Mark Fiore cartoon featuring an offshore wind farm, with one wind turbine saying, "...sure beats working in a coal mine!"

The Winds of Change