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A California newt is seen in the outdoors moving towards the camera.

The Newt Normal: How Will These Remarkable Animals Survive in Extreme Climates?

A protestor is seen holding a card board sign that reads "1.5 degrees Celcius to stay alive."

AI Is Predicting the World Is Likely to Hit a Key Warming Threshold in 10–12 Years

The Great Soaking Is Over. What Now?

Several people dressed in raincoats and holding umbrellas stand behind the Golden Gate Bridge.

California Downpours Could Become Even More Intense Due to Global Warming, Study Says

Water flows down the Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway and from the Folsom Dam outlet works in El Dorado County, California on January 6, 2023. Water is being released from Folsom Dam in preparation for upcoming rain storms. Folsom Lake is part of the Central Valley Project, operated by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. Ken James / California Department of Water Resources.

Heavy Rain Is Still Hitting California. A Few Reservoirs Figured Out How to Capture More for Drought

An aerial photo shows rescuers digging a spillway with an excavator to release flood waters after heavy rainfall at a flooded area in Jiexiu in the city of Jinzhong in China's northern Shanxi province.

Climate Change Makes Heat Waves, Storms and Droughts Worse, Report Confirms

Storms Pummel the Bay Area With More to Come

A boat dock sits on dry ground far from the water at Lake Mendocino on April 22, 2021 in Ukiah, California.

When the State Cut Their Water, These California Users Created a Collaborative Solution

A man stands on a platform in front of two white wind turbine propellers.

California Jobs Boom Anticipated Following Offshore Wind Auction