Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

Climate Scientists Meet as Dangerous Fires, Floods, and Droughts Test the World

Punishing Fires

A Harrowing California Fire Season is Here, Fueled by Historic Drought

Drought-Stricken California Hasn't Mandated Statewide Water Restrictions. Here's Why

Water birds fly over the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

A Delta in Distress

Europe Has an Ambitious New Climate Plan That Imagines a Dramatic Cut in Emissions

Two people stand in the middle of the road as they watch the horizon where massive plumes of smoke have grown caused by the Beckwourth Fire Complex.

'We Are Under Extreme Weather Conditions': Wildfires Rage From California to Alaska

A Mark Fiore cartoon that shows Richard Branson's spaceship flying over a flaming red and orange earth and western United States as a thought bubble over the spaceship reads, "I always thought it was supposed to look blue from up here..."

The Billion-Dollar View

During 'Jaw-Dropping' California Drought, Governor Asks State to Limit Water Use

Another California Heat Wave Will Bake Forests Already Primed to Burn