Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

A man with white skin wearing jeans and a blue-and-white checked shirt pulls on ropes to load a stack of hay bales onto his truck. Trees ring a brown field in the background, under a blue sky with thin white clouds.

Severe Drought in Sacramento Valley Slams Farmers, Salmon and Migratory Birds

A man wearing a black shirt stands in front of a light blue boat on a dock.

Sardine vs. Lobster: How Sustainable Is Our Seafood?

California is investigating Big Oil for allegedly misleading the public on recycling

A group of protestors stands shoulder to shoulder on the far side of a floor-to-ceiling window, facing out to a street, including passing cars, seen reflected in the glass. Behind them is a red, antique horse carriage with "Wells Fargo & Co. Overland Stage" lettered in yellow across the top, and luggage piled on the roof. Beyond the carriage is a sign hanging from a second-story walkway that says "Fossil Free Future." Nine of the visible protestors in the foreground hold a thin white banner at chest height that reads "W(t)F(?): Your lending is ending all life. Pass shareholder Res #9." All wear facemasks and appear calm, and most appear to be smiling. At first glance, most appear to be white and middle-aged.

'Putting Profits Over People's Lives': Climate Activists Released After Protest at Wells Fargo Headquarters

Cartoon: a couple hikes by a beautiful forest and pond. The man says, "what a great place to celebrate Earth Day! Out in nature, by a lovely pond..." The woman says, "um, that's a glacier."

Happy Earth Day!

Poet Terisa Siagatonu poses while sitting amongst the trees.

We All Come From Water: Poetry from the Edge

An aerial view of two rivers snaking from the left and the right through a landscape of brown scrub and dark green trees. Where the rivers meet, they move off to the left of the photo.

California Is Restoring Floodplains to Lower Flood Risk Downstream

Cartoon: Three people hold signs, the first one reading, "Keep it in the ground, no oil!" The second one reads, "Put it in the ground, CO2." The third one reads, "Put it in the ground to get more out of the ground: CO2, oil."

Sequestering Common Sense

How Rising Sea Levels Could Push Up a 'Toxic Soup' Into Bay Area Neighborhoods