Stories that help Californians shape a resilient future in our cities, parks and wild areas. Plus the latest in climate science and policy.

Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at a podium in a cloud of wildfire smoke.

Here’s What’s Inside Newsom’s Whopping $15 Billion Climate Spending Plan

Cartoon: The rings in a cross-section of a giant sequoia labeled to show when the tree sprouted to when fire suppression began on to when the tree died in a wildfire.

The Fallen Giants

Climate Change Is Killing Trees, and They're Toppling Onto Power Lines

Charred dead giant sequoia trees

A Single Fire Killed Thousands of Sequoias. Scientists Are Racing to Save the Rest

A man in a shiny, teal outfit and sunglasses crouches as he plays a green guitar.

Happiest Climate Change Song Ever? Fantastic Negrito and 'Rolling Through California'

The hands of several children hold up a handmade sign with a painting of Earth and copy that reads "There's No Planet B."

Young People Are Anxious About Climate Change and Say Governments Are Failing Them

California’s Sustainable Farms, Models for Agriculture in Warming World, Need Help Surviving It

What's a Megadrought? Are We in One?

A firefighter lights a prescribed burn in Humboldt County to reduce the underbrush without killing trees.

What California Can Learn From The South About Wildfire Prevention