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Truffle FlatbreadBeef Cheeks with Horseradish SauceBanana Dipped in Chocolate
Truffle Flatbread, Beef Cheeks with Horseradish Sauce, Banana Dipped in Chocolate

Zheng Cao
Name: Zheng
Occupation: Opera Star
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: COCO500
Reviewed COCO500: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The quality of food was excellent, the cavatelli arrived with cream sauce, but in the mouth, it seems so light and tasty, and I think the pasta is freshly made. The truffle "pizza," is so delicious, you actually need a moment to fully enjoy the flavor after the first bite. Also, I must mention that the sorbet is absolutely a big hit, but the chocolate cake is unforgettable.

I would totally return to Coco500 with friends many, many more times, and actually, the friends, who came with me, will also return with their friends. I must say, the parking during the day is not quite convenient, but I believe after 6pm, the metered parking is much easier.

Portion size: Good size
Service: wonderful
Décor and atmosphere: Simple and beautiful; nice, clean, and soothing bathroom
Bang for buck: A little high, but totally worth it.
Comfort: A little crowded, but the leather seat was comfy.
Noise level: A little high.
Wait for table: No problem with a reservation.
Food arrival speed: Pretty good.

Heru Oba Shambe
Name: Heru
Occupation: African High Priest, Musician, MUNI Driver
Location: San Pablo
Favorite Restaurant: Red Jade
Reviewed COCO500: Saturday, November 29, 2008

The portion was very small. I left the restaurant with my stomach growling like a grizzly bear. The food was good, as was the service (from entrance to service within 15 minutes). The decor and atmosphere was very bland -- dim lights with bronze colored walls, and two windows facing east and south. The ONLY paintings were three mediocre pictures of trees! As far as "BANG for the BUCK," a firecracker had more than this...EXPENSIVE!!!! The noise level was medium. As I mentioned, the wait was 15 minutes (I made a previous reservation), so the food arrival time was very adequate. Overall, I have nicknamed this restaurant "NO...NO to $58." I will not recommend this restaurant to friends nor visit again. Overall rating by me is a letter grade of a "C."

Joan Diamond
Name: Joan
Occupation: Retired School Principal
Location: Oakland
Favorite Restaurant: Crogan's Montclair
Reviewed COCO500: Saturday, November 15, 2008

There were four of us for an early dinner on a magnificent Saturday night. We found parking easily and were seated as soon as we walked in. The corner location is very easy to navigate around and is easy to access from the Bay Bridge. Prior to our arrival, Clay had called to confirm the original reservation, and Maria called to remind us. We felt very welcome.


The upscale modern feel of the restaurant is inviting, and I appreciated that even though it filled up rapidly, we were able to chat comfortably and enjoy each other’s company. Our maître d' looked about 16, but assured us that he was not. He was affable and very, very skilled. The service is excellent.

Three of us had wine, and all four had appetizers. The green beans were crunchy, fresh, and our favorite. I loved the duck liver, but found the mole tacos, although beautifully presented, uneventful.

The wine was poured and we moved on to an artful and tasty soup, a red pear salad, and lamb sugo. Not quite sure what sugo means, but again, it was artful and very good.

We had a short discussion about the wine glasses. One of our “party” is a bartender, and hence, very knowledgeable. Upon our request our wine glasses were quickly exchanged for those appropriate to the wine.

Our main courses were divine, although the wait for them to arrive seemed quite long. My salmon was cooked perfectly and presently beautifully. The tastes I had of my friend’s dishes confirmed that theirs too were wonderful.

We managed to end with four fantastic desserts and coffee. We particularly liked the “noncommittal” dessert idea of something small in the spirit of a dessert. My banana dipped in chocolate was fantastic, and took me back to my childhood when such joys were readily available. We all voted the “vacherin” -- Swiss meringue, chocolate, coffee gelato, and candied almonds -- as something straight from heaven!!!! Our favorite.

Everyone had a wonderful time. This is an upscale expensive restaurant (at least the way we did it) and I will come back for special occasions. I feel fortunate to have enjoyed such a wonderful meal in a most comfortable and warm setting.