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Bacon Bacon Food Truck: Reviews | food truck info + video | full episode video

Keith Crowell
Name: Keith
Occupation: Winemaker and Project Director
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Bacon Bacon Food Truck
Reviewed Bacon Bacon Food Truck: Thursday, January 2, 2014

When I think of my dream combinations, bacon and food truck together is a dream come true. When I first heard of the Bacon Bacon Truck I knew I had to try this puppy out. After much searching, I was finally able to find one of their initial test runs at a parking lot at the San Francisco DMV. Believe me, I was not disappointed. It was an exercise in bacon extravagance and I was a more than willing participant.

I’ve returned several times since that first time, and I still get giddy when I come up to the counter. I’ve tried it all, but I have to say my favorite item to order is “The Burger.” Two perfectly cooked patties, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese, and of course, bacon. It is a sandwich to be devoured slowly and with purpose. Add some “Bacon Jam,” and you will be transported to as close to bacon heaven as we can get here on earth. From the first bite, I’m in my special place. Everything works so well together; I cannot be disturbed until the entire sandwich is devoured.

And what do you follow up such a tasty burger with? Well, “The Spicy Pork Fries” of course! French fries, pulled pork, peppers, and bacon together at last. I am able to speak again to those around me at this point, but just barely. For this one you really have to go for the perfect bite: a little of the succulent pulled pork, a bit of the crispy salty bacon, a spicy sour pepper, and a fry to pull it all together.


What finishes off an incredible bacon-y meal like this? Well, Chocolate Covered Bacon of course! The bitter sweetness of chocolate and the salty, smoky bacon flavor go so well together. I’m always a little bummed they only give you one piece per order.

Check their Facebook page, Twitter feed, or website for upcoming locations, and if you have a choice, pick one of the food truck events that allow alcohol. Nothing goes better with a Bacon Bacon Truck meal than a nice cold beer.

Seema Patel
Name: Seema
Occupation: Payments Product Manager
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Pläj Restaurant
Reviewed Bacon Bacon Food Truck: Tuesday, December 10, 2014

There are few things in life that evoke such a primal reaction as bacon. The very thought, sight, smell, sound of sizzle or even spoken word are enough to skew most Bacon Enthusiasts square into the Bacon Die-Hard Loyalist camp. And so it is with this level of enthusiasm and giddiness that we approached the Bacon Bacon Truck on a cold winter afternoon, around 2pm.

That, apparently, was our first mistake. Unfortunately, the early lunch crowd had already wiped the menu clean of the items we wanted to try (i.e. “The LGBT” and “The Bacon Fried Chicken”), so we settled for “The Grilled Cheese” and “The Bacon Fried Egg Sandwich,” along with a side of “The Fries” (to which we added……bacon!). Both sandwiches were tasty, assembled/grilled on the spot (i.e. not pre-made), appropriately greasy…and the bacon was plentiful.

On the other hand, the elusive sweet and tangy “Bacon Jam” – the one ingredient with the potential to truly transform the sandwich into something extraordinary – was only discovered when our inner scientist compelled us to open the sandwich and prove it was really there (yes, it was!). We couldn’t help but wonder if serving the bacon jam on the side as a dipping sauce (for the sandwiches or fries) would propel this star ingredient into the limelight, where it belongs, instead of tucking it under layers of grease…after all, just like “No one puts Baby in the corner,”… no one wants to play hide-and-seek with their bacon jam!

“The Fries” were topped with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and grated parmesan, which were a nice touch, but couldn’t mask the overly fried and under salted nature of the dish.

Our trip to the Bacon Bacon Truck was all-in-all a good experience, but nothing special. The truck staff is fun, friendly, and clearly having a good time with the whole concept. We left feeling full, albeit bit clogged, and still amused at the idea of indulging in a bacon-themed lunch. I would definitely go back if I happened to be nearby, likely for a single dish versus an entire meal. Oink oink!

Peter Gorski
Name: Peter
Occupation: Start-up Co-Founder
Location: Mountain View
Favorite Restaurant: Evvia Estiatorio
Reviewed Bacon Bacon Food Truck: Thursday, January 2, 2014

Food trucks are a culinary trend in the SF Bay Area. They are on the move, and going everywhere. Bacon Bacon is no exception - moving constantly and “broadcasting” its location by Facebook and Twitter, parking wherever it can find enough space, and attracting as much as 400 people a day. So I found Bacon Bacon parked across from SOMA’S Costco. As soon as I approached the truck, I was greeted warmly by a lady holding a digital tablet capable of taking the order and processing credit cards.

The menu, which changes frequently, was short and featured bacon-based dishes. As the server ably described them, I settled on the delicious “The Burger” ($9): a well-balanced, two patty juicy burger enclosed by a sweet bun, gooey cheese, sautéed onions and two thick strips of bacon. The same can't be said for my companion’s entre, “The Grilled Cheese Sandwich” ($8). Although the bread was pleasantly light, the mix of melted cheese, bacon jam, and not to forget shredded bacon made the sandwich mushy, bland in flavor and a culinary miss. Finally, the side of order of “The Spicy Belly Fries” ($6) was covered in parmesan, pork shoulder and crispy pork belly... with some Mama Lil’s Peppers, which was nice, but felt heavy and unbalanced. My visit couldn’t be truly complete without sampling the restaurant’s famous “The Chocolate Covered Bacon” that featured an interesting play of bacon, salt, and sweetness.


Although Bacon Bacon uses the best of the best ingredients, for example sourcing its bacon from organic Golden Gate Meat Company and its breads only from the local bakeries, the whole experience made me wonder: was it worth $30, the cost of a sit-down dinner?