LGBT Pride: Where to Eat and Drink During the Dyke March

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San Francisco Dyke March. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
San Francisco Dyke March. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

June is LGBT Pride Month and on Saturday June 28 in San Francisco, the Dyke March kicks off with a rally at 4 p.m. and march at 6 p.m. The Dyke March starts at Dolores Park and works its way through the Mission and over to the Castro. With any large gathering, my thoughts inevitably turn to food and drink: after all, people watching and marching can make anyone ravenous and wondering “where's my next snack?” Dykes and in-the-know San Franciscans from all over the Kinsey spectrum had tips about the Dyke March. One advised to bring food from home and a longtime Castro resident said to seek out eateries off of the parade path. But if you don't feel like prepping food and don't want to miss out on the festivities we have collected a list of eateries and bars that are on the traditional march route.

Three of the most popular hangouts are on one block of 18th Street: Dolores Park Cafe, Delfina, and Pizzeria Delfina. For these three hot spots, I was able to find out what it's like for those always popular eateries to participate in the Dyke March.

Dyke March at Dolores Park Cafe. Photo courtesy of Dolores Park Cafe
Dyke March at Dolores Park Cafe. Photo courtesy of Dolores Park Cafe

More than a few folks named Dolores Park Cafe as the best spot to people watch. Dolores Park Cafe's Rachel Herbert told Bay Area Bites that:

“We have special menu items for Dyke March and Pride every year. This year we are working on breast rainbow cakes (cupcakes), custom rainbow pops, and some special fresh squeezed organic juice combinations as well as Hunky Bear burgers & jello shots. The Hunky Bear burger is an eight ounce grass fed burger on a home-made challah bun with wild arugula, Roma tomatoes and our secret sauce. It's all organic, including the flour used to make the bun.”

Pizzeria Delfina and Delfina are also great spots to take in the eye candy.


Delfina's Ashley Bellview said:

“We love that the Dyke March passes right by us. It's something that we look forward to every year and with our prime front row seating -- it's something that our guests look forward too as well. To help support the March, we both supported it financially as a sponsor as well as donate proceeds from our special edition Pizzeria PRIDE t-shirts.”

According to Bellview, the shirts are being finalized and can be purchased for $25 and will be available through all pizzeria locations. Look to their upcoming newsletter for more details.

The restaurants, eateries and bars are listed roughly in order of the Dyke March's typical flow from start to finish.

Namu Gaji
499 Dolores [map]
Ph: 415-431-6268
Twitter: @NamuSF

Dolores Park Cafe
501 Dolores [map]
Ph: 415-621-2936
Twitter: @DoloresParkCafe

Bi-Rite Market
3639 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-241-9760
Twitter: @BiRiteSF

Bi-Rite Creamery
3692 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-626-5600
Twitter: @BiRiteCreamery

Fayes Video & Espresso Bar
3614 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-522-0434

3621 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-522-4055
Twitter: @delfinasf

Pizzeria Delfina
3621 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-437-6800
Twitter: @pizzeriadelfina

Izakaya Yuzuki
598 Guerrero St. [map]
Ph: 415-556-9898
Twitter: @IzakayaYuzuki

Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana
3560 18th St. [map]
Ph: 415-565-0360
The ginormous windows and pesto pasta are the biggest draws here.

Curry Up Now, Mortar & Pestle Bar
659 Valencia St. [map]
Ph: 415-504-3631
Twitter: @CurryUpNow

Curry Up Now is the only place where you can order naughty naan and sexy fries in the Mission. Yes, you probably want to share; just saying “naughty” and “sexy” out loud often helps move things along... at least in my mind. The Tikka Masala burrito is filling and fun.

Owners Akash and Rana Kapoor just launched Mortar & Pestle Bar inside the space, and feature low-proof cocktails that are made with tinctures, oleo and bitters. Designated marchers aka those wishing to stay sober can instead sip tasty sounding craft bottled sodas: Kola, pineapple-vanilla phosphate, cardamom-raspberry Rickey and mango Chai.

Go ahead and break the seal and pee here: there is reportedly no wait for bathrooms.

La Rondalla Restaurant and Cantina
901 Valencia St. [map]
Ph: 415-829-8444
La Rondalla just re-opened after a long shuttering and is known more for its strong margaritas and festive atmosphere.

Dyke March festivities on 16th Street. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend
Dyke March festivities on 16th Street. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

Sunflower Restaurant
3111 16th St. [map]
Ph: 415-626-5023
Pho, veggie rice plates and other straightforward Vietnamese dishes.

Arinell Pizza
509 Valencia St. [map]
Ph: 415-255-1303
Counter spot with piping hot (quality) slices of pizza that fold over for easier eating. Bonus: open way late.

Pancho Villa
30171 16th St. [map]
Ph: 415-864-8840
Easy access, fast and friendly to-go burritos are a good option here. Or stay for the full-plate meals, agua fresca and Mexican beers in festive yet casual atmosphere. Service is efficient and able to handle the crowds -- meaning they'll quickly take care of the hangry types in your midst.

Truly Mediterranean
3109 16th St. [map]
Ph: 415-252-7482
The menu is short and sweet, and you're toughest decision may be to get the falafel deluxe or shawarma, which makes for walk-as-you-eat-ease or settle into the more hearty combo plate, which rocks a light Baba ghanoush, hummus and other delights.

Super Duper Burgers
2304 Market St. [map]
Ph: 415-558-8124
Twitter: @SuperDuperSF

Cafe Flore
2298 Market St. [map]
Ph: 415-621-8179
Twitter: @CafeFloreSF

Lookout Bar
3600 16th St. [map]
Ph: 415-431-0306
Twitter: @LookoutSF