How To Pit and Store an Avocado

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Sliced Avocado

I have always been an avocado fan. Living in California, how could you not be. We are so spoiled here when it comes to produce and the avocado epitomizes the beauty and wealth of local fruit. Trust me, take one trip out of state and you'll know what I mean. Reason #47 why I could never live in New York City.

Yet, despite how blessed Californians are with local avocados I am always surprised that people don't know how to pit them or store them once they are opened. The lack of knowledge is unfortunate because this gift from the Gods is not what one would call cheap. Practice makes perfect. So here are a few tips to get the most out of your avocado.

Now go forth and eat more avos!

How to Pit an Avocado


I have seen numerous methods used to pit an avocado. Everything from scooping it out with a spoon to squishing the avocado half. These methods work to a degree but, for me, I am always trying to preserve as much of the avocado as possible. So here is the simple trick I use:

  1. Half the avocado
  2. Hold the avocado half with the pit using a towel (make sure your hand is properly covered)
  3. Whack the pit with a sharp knife
  4. Give the pit a twist and pop it out
  5. Use the same towel to dislodge the pit from the knife and compost it

How to Keep an Avocado Fresh for a Week

Avocados are bursting with Omega 3 fatty acids, but it is these same fatty acids that breakdown when exposed to air, light or heat, causing the avocado to brown. To prevent this, use a chopped onion. The reason some people cry when chopping onion is that the vegetable emits a form of sulfur and when that gas comes in contact with the liquid in your eyes, it forms a sulfuric acid, causing you to tear. The onion's production of gas has a similar effect which helps reduce the oxidization of the avocado's fatty acids, slowing down the browning process. Here's what you do:

  1. Cut about 1/4 of an onion (any variety) into large chunks
  2. Store the chopped onion and the avocado half that has the pit in an air tight container (the avocado pit intact also helps slow down the browning process)
  3. Use within a week