Truly CA Shorts: Plasticity

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Post by Marie K Lee

There are many people finding ways (often illegally) to redefine urban space in a manner that allows them to pursue their unique passions. It is essential to share the stories of these individuals in an effort to remind city dwellers and visitors not only what is possible, but also that there is still adventure hiding just underneath, or sometimes above, the surface of their daily routines.

Watch Plasticity:


About the Filmmaker:

Filmmaker Ryan MalloyRyan Malloy's interest in making documentary films grew out of a passion for improving urban environments. He worked for several years to enhance transportation services in cities and towns along the East Coast, with the goal of connecting people with the opportunities that allow them to build their lives in meaningful ways. Malloy turned to documentary film as another tool to frame the stories of urban landscapes and the people who find their way in them. He hopes to bring focus to the spontaneous ways people interact with the built environment and the effects of urban policies and development.

Ryan Malloy is a graduate of Wesleyan University. He earned a master's degree in urban planning from the University of Michigan and an M.F.A. in documentary film and video from Stanford University.

Plasticity has been released as part of the Truly CA Shorts podcast, which is a web-only companion series featuring a new downloadable short documentary (30 minutes or less) every other month. Subscribe to this free podcast at iTunes.