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Like Kim, I've had a busy few weeks. And by "busy," I mean decadent. Strange, isn't it, that with so much eating out I've had no time to blog? Something wrong there, considering I'm supposed to be blogging about eating.

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Inverness. It was foggy, a little rainy, and gorgeous. On Friday night we ate at Manka's Inverness Lodge, which has long been on my agenda.

The menu is rather precious even by Bay Area standards.

(I have no idea why it's purple -- that happened somewhere between scanner and Photoshop. I have no patience for technical peccadilloes.)

We got off to a good start with these little gougeres stuffed with Romaine and anchovies -- a tangy Caesar sandwich. And, of course, Champagne.


Leek soup

The crab was delicious, roasted with smoky paprika. It was served with a bearnaise sauce (the menu said it was to be "plated with a daze of Meyer lemons," but apparently there had been a mixup; no Meyers).

Goat's milk cheese puff. I love watercress.

The meat course was lovely; in addition to the grilled lamb, we were served, family-style, the most smoky-delicious tender ribs.

Finally, dessert. The mascarpone ice cream was so light, so creamy.

I have no photos of the restaurant -- though take a look at these pretty plates. (Chargers? Is that what they're called?)

It would be the ultimate decadence to actually stay at the lodge, perhaps in one of the water-side cabins. If they treat their lodge guests as well as they treat their restaurant guests, I think it would be worth it.

Manka's Inverness Lodge
30 Callender Way, Inverness
(415) 669-1034
Mon-Sat, 7-10pm; Sun, 4-10pm
Major credit cards accepted.

posted by Davina Baum