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A Very Vegan Easter

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Easter is coming up, and what better way to prepare than by planning out all the sweet treats you and the children in your life will be devouring? Vegans love Easter candy just as much as the next person, and, luckily, many vegan candy makers are happy to oblige. Below is a round-up of what is available (we wanted to give you early notice, since many of these may have to be ordered and shipped).

Just remember that while the Easter bunny is adorable and fluffy, it is always best to stick to the chocolate variety. Please don't purchase a rabbit for your child as an Easter gift. Every year thousands or rabbits are bought as cute gifts who then end up being abandoned at animal control where they will almost certainly be euthanized, or thrown out into the wild, which results in certain death in a matter of days. Rabbits can live for up to 12 years and require just as much care as a cat or dog who they equal in intelligence and emotional bond to humans (they know their names and can be litter-trained!). The responsibility and the the fact that they do not enjoy being cuddled and held (they prefer you hang out next to them instead) often turn owners off soon after purchase, resulting in their abandonment. However, if you do feel that you or your child can (after doing proper research and meeting with a rabbit organization) adopt a bunny into your family, please seek out a rescue organization and not a breeder or pet store. SaveABunny is an award-winning, wonderful organization that is truly a leader in rabbit rescue and they are always looking for good homes for their rescues. And if you cannot adopt but still want to give some love to a bunny, then donate money, sponsor a rabbit, or give supplies.

And now for the candy:

  1. Who doesn't adore Cadbury Cream Eggs? This intensely sugary treat was an Easter staple during most people's childhoods. Luckily, vegansaurus just did a "Vegan Cadbury Creme Egg TASTE OFF!" and has two great options they recommend that mimic the creamy candy perfectly.

    Etsy’s Queenbalch vegan easter eggsVeganSweets vanilla creme eggs
    Vegan "Cadbury" Eggs from Queenbalch on Etsy and VeganSweets Vanilla Cream Eggs at Pangea
    Photos by Laura Beck of vegansaurus

  2. Everyone knows those sugar-covered, brightly-colored, fluffy chicks and bunnies that appear in stores every year. Unfortunately Peeps are made of marshmallows, which contain gelatin. So they are actually not even vegetarian, let alone vegan. But masters of vegan marshmallows, Chicago Soy Dairy and Sweet and Sara, are here to satisfy our cravings.

    chicago soy dairy tweetsSweet and Sara Peepers and Skippers
    Chicago Soy Dairy's Tweets available at Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe (photo by Quarry Girl) and Sweet and Sara's Easter Peepers and Skippers available at Sweet and Sara's shop or Cosmo's.

  3. Purveyors of fine vegan chocolates, Sjaak's never disappoints for holiday (and everyday!) vegan chocolates. You can go for a tub of simple easter eggs or a an adorable box of truffles. But my favorite is the chocolate bunny basket.
    Sjaak's Bunny Basket
    Sjaak's Organic Bunny in Basket
  4. Finally, here is a great line of candy bars from Go Max Go. They are not specifically for Easter, but they are damn good and, thankfully, available year-round. Meant to mimic chocolate bars we all know well--like Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, and Almond Joy--these bars use creamy rice milk chocolate to envelope nuts, coconut, and vegan caramel and nougat. The company is coming out with peanut butter cups and a crispy rice bar very soon.

    Go Max Go Candy Bars
    Go Max Go rice milk candy bars

If you still can't decide on what to buy, check out the other Easter selections at Vegan Essentials, Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe, Pangea, and Sjaak's.

And if you want to forgo candy all together and focus on just decorating some eggs, pick up a few wooden or cardboard eggs at your local craft store, and get painting!


Happy Easter, everyone!

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