Check, Please! Bay Area "100 Proof"-- The Tequila Episode

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Leslie Sbrocco tasting tequila
Leslie Sbrocco tasting tequila (Wendy Goodfriend)

On April 14, the premiere of Check, Please! Bay Area's Season 11 begins with a special episode devoted to host Leslie Sbrocco's favorite spirit, tequila.

To start the new season off with a twist Sbrocco will get her wish and be featured with guest chefs who own local tequila bars. The episode's codename is "100 Proof" and in addition to critiquing each others tequila offerings and complementary fare, the guest chefs engage in a live shot-for-shot tequila drinking contest with Leslie Sbrocco.

Bay Area Bites interviewed Sbrocco about her love for tequila and tried to get her to verify some of the rumors being spread about this "100 Proof" episode.

What inspired this special episode? You are known as a wine expert. What is your relationship to tequila?
I have a love/love relationship with tequila. I love it and thankfully it loves me by erasing my memory of most things I do once I drink it. When I behave badly on tequila, I put myself on a TTO (Tequila Time Out). Luckily, I'm not on one now.

What are your favorite tequilas and have you dabbled in mezcal? Have you ever eaten the worm?
Big fan of Casa Noble, Partida, and for everyday drinking, Don Julio. If I could splurge, my sites are set on uber-expensive Casa Dragones, a stunner tipping the scales at close to $300 a bottle.


Oh yes, I have more than dabbled in mezcal (which, like tequila is made from agave, but in the Oaxaca region of Mexico). Mezcal is like the Marlboro Man of spirits -- smoky, sexy and rugged. By the way, I have eaten a worm, just not the one found in cheap mezcal. I prefer my bugs fried with a crispy coating that I can wash down with a good shot.

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area? What is your favorite dish?
My top pick is Copita and my favorite dish is tequila.

Can you give us any hints about how you scored in the shot-for-shot tequila contest? Did you drink any or all of your guests under the table?
No spoilers! You will need to watch the episode to find out how the truth lies in liquor. And in terms of under the table...let's just say someone was wearing some pretty psychedelic socks.

Rumors have been circulating that one of the guest chefs danced on the Check, Please! table during the studio taping. Can you confirm whether this really happened and would you share who it was?
I plead the 5th (though the heel marks match my leopard skin boots perfectly).

In your previous BAB interview when asked: "The structure of Check, Please! Bay Area is fairly formulaic what are your fantasies about an episode that would break the mold?" You claimed: "I'd LOVE to actually be my wild, opinionated self who shows a little more cleavage, drinks wine with the guests (maybe do the occasional shot of tequila) and generally be less controlled." Does this happen in this "100 Proof" episode?
All I can say is there are shots of the pink champagne tattoo on my calf being tipped upside down and one of the guests apparently drinking my leg.

Leslie's tattoo
Leslie's tattoo (Wendy Goodfriend)

Happy April Fool's Day! This post is fictitious and was designed purely to amuse and entertain.