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The Art of the Skratch: DJs Celskiii + Deeandroid

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DJs Celskiii and Deeandroid have been staples of the Bay Area hip-hop scene for over 15 years. Products of the fertile turntablism movement of the late-90s, they have been tour DJs for KRS-One and have twice competed in the US DMC Team Battles, placing second in 2010. Since 2003 they've also fostered a space for other DJs to collaborate and advance their craft with the monthly event Skratchpad.

In this episode of Art School, we visit Celskiii and Deeandroid in their Vallejo studio. Listen in as they talk about the collaborative and improvisational aspects of DJing, their responsibility to the audience, and why vinyl records still reign supreme.

Inspired early on by Bay Area pioneers the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, Deeandroid and Celskiii are now pioneers in their own right who treat us to a lesson in skratch technique in the latest episode of Art School.

Questions to consider for learners of all ages:


If you were a DJ, would you prefer the digital or analog skratch technique? Explain your preference.

What other art forms involve collaboration and improvisation?

Spend some time thinking of your DJ name and some albums you would want to sample or scratch with, then give it a try! You can take classes at places like the DJ Arts Academy in San Francisco.

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