Mail Art with David Wilson

David Wilson is an artist based in Oakland, California with a knack for creating interesting projects that gather people together in creative ways. David likes to spend time drawing and painting in both familiar and remote locations around the Bay Area. During his adventures, he came up with the idea to share some of these locations by creating custom mailers with hand-drawn maps to lead other people to these spots for collective enjoyment — playing music, drawing and enjoying a place they had never been to before, or imagined as a space to congregate and create.

As Wilson demonstrates, mail can be a powerful and tangible way to connect people. Follow along in this special episode of Art School in collaboration with SFMOMA to learn about collage techniques and make your own mail art to share around the world.

For the next two years, you can send your mail art to the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. Some of the mail art sent in for this project is already on display in the BAMPFA Fisher Family Art Lab.

Share your creations here:



c/o BAMPFA artlab

2120 Oxford

Berkeley, CA  94720