Bebe Huxley’s ‘Je Suis Bebe’ Is a Flirty, Campy Dance Pop Manifesto

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Bebe Huxley knows the power of a catwalk-worthy house beat and a look. (Photo: courtesy of Bebe Huxley; illustration: Kelly Heigert)

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If you caught the Met Gala last week, you know that fashion is at its best when it tells a story. And the best stories, and outfits, need drama.

Bebe Huxley takes this philosophy to heart in her new music video for “Je Suis Bebe,” a cheeky manifesto of the singer’s flirty, campy persona narrated through over a dozen playful costumes. The dance pop artist came up in San Francisco’s drag scene, where she was once a mainstay at the historic gay bar Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, and relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago to pursue her music. She clearly understands the power of a catwalk-worthy house beat and a look.

In the “Je Suis Bebe” video, she’s a disco chanteuse in a latex, feathered bodysuit, a vintage pin-up girl in a spangled leotard, an old-school movie star in a turban, gloves and sunglasses⁠—often all at the same time.

The characters dance around in front of a green screen with kitschy visuals. Impressively, Huxley filmed and edited the whole thing solo in her garage. And, ever-committed to the concept, she enrolled in a choreography course at Pasadena City College to create the moves with the help of fellow students and Professor Roberta Shaw.


The bouncy track conjures the fun-loving, unselfconscious energy of ’90s house acts like Dee-Lite and Gillette. In her cooing voice, kindred to the sexy-baby timbres of Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, Huxley delivers an earworm of a track that might inspire you to join the dance party—or play dress-up yourself.