Across the Uni-Reverse

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What if cars could only drive in reverse?

Originally made for a 48 Hour Film Festival during COVID, Across the Uni-Reverse tackles this very question. Part science fiction, part backward-facing version of Speed, Across The Uni-Reverse is one of the KQED Homemade Film Festivals finalists, created by Louie Gallagher.

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Director Bio: 

Louie Gallagher is an 18-year-old director/editor from Los Angeles, California. Louie's previous credits include working as a content creator for Some Good News starring John Krasinski, and he recently sold his first short film.

Credits for Across the Uni-Reverse

  • Louie Gallagher // Director & Writer
  • Danny Bird // Writer
  • Lulu Barringer // Writer
  • Leah Schiffer // Writer
  • Danny Bird // Key Cast “Danny”
  • Connor Franzen // Key Cast “Esrever”
  • Leah Schiffer // Key Cast “Leah”
  • Lulu Barringer // Sound
  • Louie Gallagher // Editors
  • Hippie Powers // Music