Do You Have Time for Hamster?

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Do You Have Time For Hamster? From filmmaker, Tim Maloney is a death metal music video for the pet curious that's part lecture, part sensory overload. Thinking of adopting a pet during COVID19? You might want to ask yourself the very questions this film raises.

Do You Have Time For Hamster? is a finalist film of the new KQED Homemade Film Festival line up. New films will be released all week long.

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About the Film:

Learn about hamsters with the Black Death Metal band "Bloodfïstre." This dynamic two man team of Ülric Hjammerthrjob and Ümlaüt Ødinsblüt will blast you away with searing skull-crushing METAL!!! Only this time they hope you'll learn a little about the desert's wily rodent friend, the noble hamster. Then you will perish beneath the unholy assault of soul-destroying METAL!!! You may be driven completely insane, but you will have learned so much about a pet you can enjoy for about 2 years. Plus, METAL!!


Film Critic Randy Myers Says:

Think you’re getting squirrely at home? Then meet the Black Death Metal band “Bloodfistre.”   They’re destined to get you headbangin’ and laughing while warbling about the importance of hamsters. The spirit of “This is Spinal Tap!” lives on!

Director Bio:
Tim Maloney is an American filmmaker and animator who has made films for the band Negativland, the Walt Disney Company, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to name the strangest bedfellows. Maloney's work has been screened at the PFA, SF MOMA, the ICA, MIT, and many other prominent places that go only by their initials. He has a rusty trumpet he calls “El Bastardo” that he uses to summon armies of hamsters to do his bidding.

You can find more of Tim's work at his YouTube Channel: