'Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?': Fantastic Negrito's Shelter-in-Place Anthem

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I've lately realized that we're living in a historic moment. Much like 9/11 or the Great Recession, we will talk about the coronavirus crisis for decades to come. It'll be a question we ask each other: what were you doing then?

Except we may not actually remember. The days all bleed together now, the scenery of our living rooms stays the same, and if it weren't for constantly checking my phone, I'd definitely forget what month it is, let alone the date. Ask yourself: what exactly did you do three days ago? See?

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All of this is to say that it's important to document our shelter-in-place lives. And that's where Fantastic Negrito comes in.

The Grammy-winning Oakland singer recently put out a call to his fanbase for video footage of what they're doing during the coronavirus crisis, and how they're coping. The dozens of responses have now been made into a video, soundtracked by Fantastic Negrito's song "Chocolate Samurai," with the timely hook: "Have you lost your mind yet?"

The footage from fans is at once both distant and immediately familiar. Basically, other people in quarantine are doing what you're doing: hanging out with pets, exercising, cooking, hiking, dancing, sewing, playing music, singing.

Watch the video above, or head over to the YouTube link here.