A Digital Drag Show for a Friday Night In

The last few days of sheltering in place have been hard enough since the Bay Area adopted the ordinance Tuesday, and those of us who are used to being about town on Friday nights are about to get antsier come this weekend. Thankfully, over a dozen drag performers from different cities have teamed up for Digital Drag, presented by Biqtch and Megna.

Hosted on Biqtch's Twitch channel on March 20 at 7pm PDT, the livestreamed show features Alaska and Rock M. Sakura of RuPaul's Drag Race fame, plus a slate of talent that includes Bay Area favorite Nicki Jizz, the sex-positive queen whose Hoe is Life party puts queens of color front and center. Joining Jizz is Florida Man, also from San Francisco, a wonderfully out-there performer whose sexy Voldemort (yes, you read that correctly) drag number went down in herstory after going viral in 2018.

While the audience typically showers drag queens in dollar bills at IRL performances, Digital Drag asks for a $10 suggested donation and will have options to tip its stars. Sounds like a perfect Friday night activity to pair with a stiff "quarantini" cocktail. –Nastia Voynovskaya

March 20, 2020
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