Coronavirus Twitter Roundup: Working From Home Edition

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Yesterday, The Washington Post declared that the Bay Area is working remotely more than "anywhere else in the nation" right now, thanks to our "being ahead of the curve on technology."

Oh, and, you know, that whole pesky coronavirus thing.

Whether or not Silicon Valley has really "slowed to a crawl" (as the newspaper says), it is certainly true that, over the last few days, the coronavirus has quickly transformed from that thing we were kinda sorta washing our hands a little bit extra over, to a full-blown work-from-home quarantine necessity.

Well, for all the white collar workers that have that luxury, anyway...


As is to be expected in America in 2020, Twitter definitely had some thoughts, feelings and advice about this new WFH normal.

Everything from surviving without a steady supply of work-based toiletries:

To trying to figure out which is worse—the chaotic hellscape that is conference calling...

(With its inherent potential for wardrobe malfunctions...)

Or the isolation of working all alone, and the mental perils that accompany that.

Many noted how essential it is to keep your work space a very safe distance from both the bed and television:

Even if watching Whoopi Goldberg shout this at an empty The View studio is ridiculously entertaining:

It's also important to consider what, if anything, this is going to do to your relationships with your neighbors:

Couples working at home together for the first time may, in addition, wish to heed these warnings:

There are, however, silver linings. Pets will believe you love them more:

Uninterrupted days might prompt big ideas:

And if you find yourself feeling lonely, just go and listen to the songs of Michelle Heckert. The ukulele-loving singer was trapped out in the Bay aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship for nearly a week, and is now stuck in quarantine with her elderly grandparents on land.

So far, Heckert has written four songs about her ordeal, but the first one—which includes a refrain about being "scared as shit"—is the best.

Hang in there, everybody.