Coronavirus Crafts on Etsy: Yes, It's a Thing

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Just some of the coronavirus-related merch currently listed on Etsy.

As reactions to the deaths of over 3,000 people go, creating fluffy renditions of the thing that killed them has to be right down there with 9/11 cosplay. Yet in the past month, a sizable number of people have taken it upon themselves to create a range of hand-crafted coronavirus merch. And based on the number of already sold-out items, people are actually buying it.

Etsy alone currently offers a wide range of coronavirus merch that ranges from tacky (a multitude of T-shirts and mugs) to totally baffling. Here are some that fall into the latter category.

Crocheted baby rattles:

Key rings (pills presumably not included):

Whatever this is:

An array of "Plushie" toys:

Doilies, maybe?:



Worry Dolls:


And even crotchet patterns:

If none of that tickles your fancy, you can also buy a surprisingly large number of self-published coronavirus survival guides on Amazon, that can't help but beg the question, "How did they write these books so fast?"

Don't forget to wash your hands, everybody.