The Marketing Genius of Beyoncé Sending Ivy Park Clothes to Her Famous Friends

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Beyoncé rocking items from the Ivy Park 2020 collection.

Beyoncé's knack for marketing is already well established. Like when she dropped her self-titled album on us overnight, completely by surprise. Or when she casually threw a "visual album" up on HBO for 24 hours in support of Lemonade. Or how about the time she announced she was pregnant with Blue Ivy on stage at the 2011 MTV VMAs? (Has a pregnancy announcement ever been that interesting before?)

It should come as no surprise then, that, in addition to posting stunning photos of herself wearing it, Beyoncé is marketing the crap out of her new line of Ivy Park clothes—mostly via the medium of playing January Santa to all her famous friends. And let's just say the reaction from most of the celebs receiving Beyoncé's big orange box of joy is A Mood.

On realizing that she and her mom hadn't, in fact, been sent a big box of balloons, Reese Witherspoon did an impromptu (adorable) fashion show.

Cardi B expressed her delight in that infectious (curse-laden) way that only Cardi B can:

Zendaya did her best not-annoying-but-definitely-still-smug face:

Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi looked like a kid on Christmas morning:

And, possibly best of all, Janelle Monáe tried to turn her parachute cape into a box-based magic trick (while some dude worked out in her living room, next to a trash can, for some reason):

It wasn't all joy and running around the edge of swimming pools, however. Hayley Bieber got sent one too and was annoyingly low key about the whole thing. Then there were these bummed-out observers on Twitter, who were left feeling a little hard done by...

Which all goes to show, Beyoncé's little gifting spree did its job, effectively bypassing the need for fashion shows or normal marketing campaigns. Watch the new collection sell out in three minutes when it hits shelves on Jan. 18.