Jonathan Van Ness' New Book is About a Nonbinary Guinea Pig, Obviously

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'Queer Eye' star Jonathan Van Ness' new children's book, 'Peanut Goes for the Gold,' is about a nonbinary guinea pig.  (Instagram @JVN/HarperCollins)

Queer Eye's inimitable grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness has a brand new children's book coming out. And it's all about none other than a nonbinary guinea pig.

Inspired by Van Ness's own gender identity, as well as a beloved childhood pet, Peanut Goes For the Gold is illustrated by Gillian Reid and aimed at kids ages four through eight. Its title character is one fluffy nugget who finds joy in self-expression, personal flare and—of course!—rhythmic gymnastics.

There have been an increasing number of wonderful children's books about gender expression in the last few years, yet most have focused on the stories of trans girls and boys. Peanut Goes For The Gold promises to stand next to the likes of Call Me Tree by Maya Christina Gonzalez, Theresa Thorn’s It Feels Good to Be Yourself and  Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz—books that provide comfort and inspiration to nonbinary youngsters.

Love you love or hate Van Ness (and sorry, grouches, for most of us it’s the former), they bring an infectious jubilance to everything they do, whether it's trimming beards, learning to ice skate or cheerleading with teenage girls. Peanut Goes For the Gold is sure to be no exception. The book comes out on March 31 via HarperCollins.