At Cushion Works, Art With Elders Show and Holiday Sale

This a one-day holiday art show and sale at the Mission District project space Cushion Works isn’t your ordinary holiday art show and sale. And that’s because the artists are seasoned, if not professional.

All the work, selected by artist Vincent Fecteau and curator Jordan Stein, comes from the Art With Elders program, a nonprofit that provides art classes for Bay Area seniors in long-term care communities like Laguna Honda Hospital.

The event promises to include work by (but not limited to): Jessie Brown, Margaret Dolores, Anthony Eng, Mama G, Tomiko Ishiwatari, Walter Jordan, David Mar, Ida Marksman, Stephen Mays, Jeffrey McFarland, Rita Pareino, Teresa Piccirillo and Margaret Rivers.

And if you need further encouragement, how about this tag line: “Unique holiday gifts, all priced to move.” –Sarah Hotchkiss

December 15, 2019

Cushion Works
3320 18th St., San Francisco

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