Watch Patton Oswalt Interview Comedy Legend George Wallace

Though SF Sketchfest is hosting a series of conversations between brilliant comedic figures (including Busy Philipps with Paul F. Tompkins, and Brian Regan with Todd Barry), this chat between George Wallace and Patton Oswalt is likely to be a major highlight.

Wallace is a living comedy legend, famous for his sharp observational comedy, "I be thinkin'" catchphrase and infamous penchant for "Yo' mama" jokes.

Wallace started his stand-up career in New York in the late '70s (where—fun fact!—he was roommates with Jerry Seinfeld), before moving to Los Angeles in the mid-'80s to write for Red Foxx's ABC sitcom. While there he became a regular at Hollywood's Comedy Store, performing alongside greats like Richard Pryor and Robin Williams, and honing skills he continues to sharpen on stage to this day.

While Wallace went on to appear in many movies (including Postcards From The Edge and Batman Forever) and TV shows (like Scrubs and Seinfeld), his primary focus has always been performing live. He's a real comedian's comedian—which is how he became good friends with another stand-up great, Patton Oswalt.

Not only do Wallace and Oswalt share a similar approach to social commentary, they're also not shy about expressing their camaraderie and adoration for one another—something they've previously demonstrated on social media:

An evening exploring Wallace's storied and influential career, as well as his life philosophies, would be pretty magical all on its own. In the hands of Oswalt though, it's sure to be even more hilarious and heartwarming. –Rae Alexandra

Jan. 19, 4–5:30pm

Marines' Memorial Theatre
609 Sutter St., San Francisco

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