Lil BUB, the Internet's Favorite Dwarf Cat is Dead; Long Live Lil BUB

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Lil BUB ("Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video"/YouTube)

She was the rescued feral cat from Indiana with dreamy green eyes, four extra toes and a tongue even more famous than Miley's. But on Monday morning, news broke that Lil BUB had waddled off to the catnip palace in the sky, breaking the hearts of her 3 million Facebook fans.

Never held back by her dwarfism, in her short life this four-pound kitty achieved more than many humans five times her age. BUB helped out creatures less fortunate than herself by raising over $300,000 for the ASPCA via merch sales, public appearances and other fundraising efforts. Possibly even more remarkably, an hour-long video of her purring in front of a fireplace once garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

And that's not all. In addition to authoring her own book, Lil BUB’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet, BUB also appeared in two movies—Nine Lives (starring Christopher Walken!) and I'll Be Next Door For Christmas—as well as a documentary about her life and origins, titled Lil BUB & Friends.

Her YouTube talk show (why wouldn't she have one of those?) featured guests like Michelle Obama, Whoopi Goldberg and punk rock hero Steve Albini.

BUB tried to sum up her own enduring appeal in her book. "My limitless wisdom and razor-sharp wit, paired with my ability to overcome disabilities," she wrote, "provide laughter, hope and inspiration to humans all over the world." Arguably though, her spirit was best captured on the duet she recorded with party pal Andrew WK, on which he sang: "Stronger than a lion / Cuter than a baby / You bounce through space / Like a magical feline lady."

She does now, Andrew WK. She does now.