Watch the Exploratorium Light Up the Night at 'After Dark: Glow'

Ever have that moment at the Exploratorium where you want all the kids to get out of the way so you can play with the exhibits in peace? We all have! That's why the "public learning laboratory" hosts After Dark events for big kids, 18 and older, every Thursday night.

One of the high points on After Dark's annual calendar is Glow, an exhibit of light installations, luminescent sculptures and interactive activities that'll make you feel positively incandescent.

As usual for the Exploratorium, there will be plenty of creative ways to explore space, structure and sound from new perspectives. And, as is the case for all After Dark events, there will be food, drink and demonstrations throughout the evening that run the gamut from large-scale art creation, through magic shows, all the way to eye dissection.

Plenty of light shows pop up during the festive season, but the vast majority are simply about admiring from afar. Glow offers an experience so immersive, it won't just illuminate your holidays—it might just make you feel like you're inside the tree.

December 5, 2019

Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green St), San Francisco, CA 94111

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