More Than a Caffeine Buzz at the San Francisco Coffee Festival

There's an old saying that humanity runs on coffee. Well, Americans certainly do—we drink an astounding 400 million cups every single day.

The fourth annual San Francisco Coffee Festival is offering enough to keep even serious coffee aficionados going for an entire year. This year's festivities will feature over 90 roasters and exhibitors offering samples, tantalizing aromas and that caffeine kick so many of us crave each and every morning (and afternoon... and evening).

If you need a snack to take the edge off, House of Bagels, Toasty, Cochinita, Bowl’d Acai and Sam Choy’s Poke are handling lunch, and Shades of Sugar Bakeshop, Crumble & Whisk, Conscious Creamery and Third Culture Bakery will be on hand to provide sweet treats.

The weekend is much more than a taste test too, with live art by Jarold Cadion (who paints with—you've guessed it—coffee), and a wide variety of live music, including sets from local acts like Spooky MansionAndrew St. James and The Turnouts.

There are also talks and lectures about everything from women-owned and operated coffee farms to the fun that can be had when coffee and cocktails come together. And if that last one gets you in the mood for something a little stronger than a cup o' joe, simply point yourself in the direction of the full bar on site.

If, knowing all of that, you still remain on the fence about whether or not you should attend this year, remember the wise words of David Lynch: “Even bad coffee," he once said, "is better than no coffee at all.”

November 2, 2019

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123

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