Filipino-American History Month Celebrated at UNDSCVRD SF

Long before SOMA was home to tech companies like Airbnb and Zynga, the neighborhood was a thriving Filipino community, where artists flourished, public-service institutions served and war vets lived.

Which makes UNDSCVRD more than just a block party—it’s a historically significant one. The Filipino-focused night market in SOMA returns on Saturday Oct. 19, as friends, family and folks from all around San Francisco (and beyond) celebrate Filipino-American History Month.

The UNDSCVRD series of night markets, which has run each month (aside from those in the winter season) since 2017, is a “non-profit venture designed to jump-start economic activity and public awareness of SOMA Pilipinas,” with an overall goal to revitalize the Filipino footprint in SOMA. 

This month’s market, the last one of 2019, features artists from A FRISCOPINX CYPHER, as well as DJ Umami and political hip-hop artist Bambu. Food and vendors are on hand; and if you like hoops, there’s a basketball court too.

—Pendarvis Harshaw

October 19, 2019

Stevenson and Seventh Streets, SOMA, San Francisco

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