This List of Each State's Favorite Movie Candy Will Shock and Appall You

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Not a Kraft cheese slice in sight, Wisconsin! (Vinicius Amano/Unsplash)

A new list has been compiled of America's favorite movie candy, broken down state-by-state—and some of the results are very much not okay.

The Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast posted a map to social media, claiming that the candies selected for each state were dictated ("unofficially"!) by social media posts, combined with sales figures from Walmart and Target. But, oh boy, the joylessness inherent in some of these selections is so deeply upsetting, we are forced to question just how scientific the research that went into this is.

According to the map, of all the candy in all the world, Connecticut chooses raisins. Texas, Idaho and South Carolina all favor black licorice (ew). Utah is apparently munching on something called Necco Wafers that look like they're from the 1930s. And most shockingly of all, North Dakota and Wisconsin finally provide an answer to the age-old question: Who in God's name would eat baked beans or Kraft cheese slices at the movies? (Can it really be true?)

The most popular candy overall is M&Ms, with four states (New Hampshire, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming) favoring them, followed by Tootsie Rolls, Reese's Pieces and (again: ew) black licorice with three votes each respectively. California, quite typically, is dancing to the beat of its own drummer with Dots.

Accurate or not, the full list is a lot of fun:


Alabama: Tootsie Rolls
Alaska: Wax Bottles
Arizona: Candy Dots
Arkansas: Junior Mints
California: Dots
Colorado: Dum Dums
Connecticut: Raisins
Delaware: Reese’s Pieces
Florida: Dum Dums
Georgia: Smarties
Hawaii: Wax Bottles
Idaho: Black licorice
Illinois: Sixlets
Indiana: Milk Duds
Iowa: Candy Corn
Kansas: Sixlets
Kentucky: Bit-O-Honey
Louisiana: Pixie Sticks
Maine: Buncha Crunch
Maryland: Werther’s Original
Massachussetts: Circus Peanuts
Michigan: Good & Plenty
Minnesota: Almond Joy
Mississippi: Candy Corn
Missouri: Sour Patch Kids
Montana: Buncha Crunch
Nebraska: Junior Mints
Nevada: Skittles
New Hampshire: M&Ms
New Jersey: Banana Laffy Taffy
New Mexico: Reese’s Pieces
New York: Pixie Sticks
North Carolina: Werther’s Original
North Dakota: Baked Beans
Ohio: Lemonheads
Oklahoma: Raisinets
Oregon: Good & Plenty
Pennsylvania: Jujyfruits
Rhode Island: Lemonheads
South Carolina: Black licorice
South Dakota: M&Ms
Tennessee: Tootsie Rolls
Texas: Black licorice
Utah: Necco Wafers
Vermont: Candy Corn
Virginia: Tootsie Rolls
Washington: Reese’s Pieces
Washington DC: Cookie Dough Bites
West Virginia: M&Ms
Wisconsin: Kraft Cheese Slices
Wyoming: M&Ms

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