The Hustle: Bay Area
Artists & Their Money

For 'The Hustle,' we ask Bay Area artists how they make ends meet in one of the most expensive regions in the United States.
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Welcome Back to ‘The Hustle,’ a Series about Bay Area Artists and Their Money

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A profile on movement researcher, choreographer and performer Stephanie Hewett kicks off 'The Hustle.' (Graham Holoch/KQED)

Covering the Bay Area arts scene can often feel like covering the slow disappearance of the Bay Area arts scene. As venues close, funding opportunities diminish and institutions “restructure” (a.k.a. lay off full-time staff), it’s important to remember that despite all this, the Bay Area is home to an enduring and vibrant community of musicians, actors, writers and other artists.

To fight those memory lapses, we’re re-launching The Hustle: an award-winning series looking at the money behind brilliant Bay Area artists who are making ends meet in one of the most expensive regions in the United States. Every month we ask someone to be radically transparent about their finances, getting real about income, expenses, sacrifices, side gigs and successes.

Money is a taboo topic of conversation in every field, but it’s especially difficult for artists to discuss—and this secrecy keeps important information from circulating when it could help others. Only by talking honestly about the real price of making art in the Bay Area can we better understand how to support the artists who live here.

Are you a Bay Area artist with a “hustle”? We’d love to talk to you! Fill out the survey below to contribute to our reporting and be considered for inclusion in the series.