Rightnowish: Marty Aranaydo Puts On for Small Businesses in the Tenderloin

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Marty Aranaydo, DJ Willie Maze, at his store in SF.  (Pendarvis Harshaw)

I finally got a chance to interview Marty Aranaydo. I mean, it wouldn't feel right to have a show called Rightnowish—highlighting arts and culture currently happening in the Bay—without talking to him.

Marty is a stakeholder in this terrain. Since the late '90s, Marty has been a key player in the Bay Area scene through his DJing, graffiti writing, activism and events. He's put in work in the fashion world with his brand NVR OVR, which is also the name of his monthly dance party at the Layover in Oakland.

I recently grabbed a round of drinks with Marty at the Rumpus Room, not too far from his storefront in the Tenderloin. Of all of the things we discussed, one of Marty's upcoming projects stood out: it's a zine that will document and promote many of the small businesses in the Tenderloin, an important venture for the mom-and-pop stores surviving in the shadows of tech giants.

To hear all about Marty and his work, click the link.