Watch Andy Samberg as a Rapping Jose Canseco in New 'Bash Brothers' Netflix Special

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Andy Samberg as Jose Canseco and Akiva Schaffer as Mark McGwire in 'Oakland Nights' from 'The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience.' (Netflix / YouTube)

Because entertainment outlets are now infinite and every utterly ridiculous idea conceived by a celebrity can find a massive budget, Andy Samberg and his comedy group the Lonely Island have surprise-released The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, a half-hour special that answers a question nobody was really asking: what if the steroid-addled, home-run hitting duo of Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco had a late-1980s rap career?

You can watch the whole thing here if you have Netflix, and below is lead single "Oakland Nights," featuring Jenny Slate, Hannah Simone and Sterling K. Brown as a silk-shirt loverman voiced by Sia:

The rest of the project includes songs like "Focused AF," "Bikini Babe Workout," and "IHOP Parking Lot" (featuring HAIM and Maya Rudolph), plus about a zillion different lyrics about women, drugs, and the effect of steroids on one's genitalia that I probably shouldn't quote on a website owned by the station that brings you Sesame Street each morning.

I dunno, guys. Andy Samberg was 11 when the A's beat the Giants to win the World Series, he grew up in the Bay Area—maybe we should just let him have this juvenile, bonkers moment.


Thus, if you're not in a meeting with your boss right now, here's the Oakland-themed video for "Uniform On" (BART cameo!), and the whole soundtrack can be heard below. And of course, I am obligated to remind you to re-watch one of the greatest Jose Canseco moments in baseball history.