Rightnowish: Shy'an G's Open Book of Rhymes and Family Ties

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Shy'an G with her cousin and manager, Blake Simons. (Pendarvis Harshaw)

Note: This episode originally aired March 17, 2019

Shy'an G's music is like listening to an open diary entry.

Shy'an, an East Bay native, says her style of writing dates back to the time she stole her sister's copy of Tupac's All Eyez on Me.

The short version is that she sat under the jungle gym on the playground while listening to the album on a Discman, penning her own rhymes, and she hasn't stopped since.

Cover detail from Shy'an'G's new album, 'The Reset.'
Cover detail from Shy'an'G's new album, 'The Reset.' (Shyan'G)

The longer, more nuanced version is the story of a young woman who honed her craft and has used it to navigate all that life has thrown at her, from educational hurdles to unsavory roommates.


Writing and family have been Shy'an's support system through it all. As an ode to her support system, she recently dropped The Reset, her second studio project. For this week's episode of Rightnowish, I chopped it up with her about the project, which highlights family, writing and taking a moment to realize you've made it through some trials.

Click the audio link above to check it out.