Bay Area Classic 'I Got 5 On It' Gets a Horror Remix in Jordan Peele's 'Us'

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Luniz' 1995 hit 'I Got 5 On It' gets an eerie remix in Jordan Peele's 2019 film 'Us.'  (Universal Pictures)

Fans have been anxiously awaiting Jordan Peele's next film since the runaway success of 2017's satirical horror flick Get Out, and they got their wish on Christmas Day, when the trailer for Peele's next movie, Us, premiered.

About a family whose vacation to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk gets derailed by zombie-like doppelgangers, the trailer doesn't reveal the twists Peele undoubtedly has in store. But the guiding motif is Luniz' 1995 hit "I Got Five On It" from the Oakland duo's platinum album, Operation Stackola. The stoner anthem gets an eerie remix, transforming into a high-stakes horror score with spine-tingling strings and thundering, atmospheric bass. 

"We hit 'em again," wrote Luniz' Numskull on Instagram when the trailer came out. "You can't stop a classic."

Peele's inventive soundtrack choice comes at the end of an unprecedented year for black Bay Area artists in Hollywood, with the success of Ryan Coogler's Black Panther and Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You, both set in Oakland. (Peele is from New York, but his wife, comedian Chelsea Peretti, is from Oakland like Riley and Coogler.)

We'll have to wait until Us comes out in theaters on Mar. 15 to see how this foreboding flip of Luniz' Town classic factors into Peele's latest production.