Your Favorite Sesame Street Songs Are Now Streaming

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Detail from the album cover of 'Big Bird Sings,' originally released on vinyl in 1974. All Sesame Street songs are now on streaming as part of a new distribution deal.  (Sesame Street Records)

They're so catchy, you probably still know them by heart: songs like "I Love Trash," "C is for Cookie," "People in Your Neighborhood" and "Everybody Wash."

Generations of kids grew up on Sesame Street's beloved songs, a staple of the show from its very beginnings in 1969. Beyond teaching reading and arithmetic, the program instilled values like embracing ourselves (and others) for being different with "Bein' Green" and following our dreams with "I'd Like to Visit the Moon." When you think about it, "Rubber Duckie" was even the original self-care anthem before #selfcare became a trending topic.

Just in time for the nostalgic feels that creep up around the holidays, an extensive catalog of Sesame Street tunes has been released on streaming platforms everywhere, including newly curated compilations on CD and vinyl. The new project from Warner Music Group is a partnership with educational nonprofit Sesame Workshop, and marks the first time in 20 years that music from Sesame Street will roll out on a consistent schedule of releases.

And yes, those original albums are part of the streaming deal: LPs like Grover Sings the Blues, The Count Counts, Bob Sings, At Home With Ernie and Bert, and My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin. Even the 1970s disco album Sesame Street Fever is part of the streaming deal.


Sesame Street Records' latest, It's Christmas Time!, is out now.