These Fake Cops 'Fine' Fashionable Bay Area Residents

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The Fashion Force gives compliments and trophies to well-dressed citizens on Le Vanguard's forthcoming sketch comedy show, 'Variety Planet.' (Le Vanguard/YouTube)

What if, instead of arresting disproportionate numbers of people of color, police handed out compliments and trophies?

Enter the Fashion Force, the brainchild of Oakland creative collective Le Vanguard. The crew of party promoters, visual artists, writers, musicians and skateboarders recently wrapped up filming for the their forthcoming sketch comedy show, Variety Planet. Today, Le Vanguard shared a hilarious teaser for their "Fashion Force" sketch from the series pilot, where Commander-in-Chic (played by executive producer and Le Vanguard leader Vanessa "Besame" Nguyen) and Sargeant Style (writer-director Xiomara Blanco) ambush random passersby with positive feedback on their outfits.

Those complimented by the Fashion Force don't necessarily look like runway models or fashion bloggers with a million Instagram followers. They're regular people who simply took the time to add a personal element or creative twist to their look.

"We just want to say we like your outfit, we like what you're doing with your life right now," Blanco says to a guy in camouflage pants and matching hat with Warriors pins, before handing him an award. "Thank you for being alive, you're doing a great job."


I caught up with Blanco and Nguyen over the phone to get more info on the Fashion Force's philosophy. "As two women of color, we’re all about about uplifting each other and redefining beauty standards," Blanco told me. "That's what I love about the Bay—people aren't afraid to stand out, be a little weird, be a little bold."

Nguyen and Blanco are currently shopping Variety Planet to networks, and have a public screening in the works.