Luscious Tropical Pop from Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook and her band plays The Independent in San Francisco March 28 (Ollie Grove/Merge Records)

Hollie Cook is a descendant of British music royalty. Her dad is Paul Cook, drummer for the Sex Pistols, and her mom is Jennie Matthias, once a backup singer for Culture Club and lead singer for the Belle Stars, and Cook's godfather is Boy George. But as my co-host A-lan Holt said on the show: "No need for name dropping." Cook’s built a legacy of her own as a solo performer and former member of the Slits, the iconic all women reggae punk band. Cook's music is a lot mellower now that she's singing what she calls "tropical pop," with a strong reggae beat. And judging from her live videos on YouTube, Cook has a lot of fun on stage. She plays the independent in San Francisco March 28, and what a deal, tickets are less than $20. Details here.