Clockwork Dances Revealing Our Human Flaws

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Garrett + Moulton kick off their 15th season with three world premieres including a new ball passing piece (Photo: Courtesy of Garrett + Moulton)

Before reading another word, watch the video at the bottom of this post. It's the best way to understand the work of Garrett + Moulton, the dance making duo kicking off their 15th anniversary season. Now that you've seen the video, you realize what fun Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton have had all these years making these complex ball-passing pieces that are part-dance, part-puzzle. Moulton says the inspiration came partly from his love of novelty numbers from the days when his father and grandfather were in vaudeville. And the ball passing, he said, is a pretty good metaphor for life. "If you drop a ball, you drop a ball, and it usually falls very inconveniently on someone else’s head," he said after a rehearsal a few days ago. "When that happens, you’re as honest as you’re ever going to be are about yourself. When you don’t look so good. And because of that, the piece has a sense of humanity. It’s fun, but it also speaks to the futility of the human condition."

Garrett + Moulton's 15th anniversary season kicks off with a new ball passing piece and two other world premieres. Details here