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Ganja Gifts for the Merrily Medicated

Ganja Gifts for the Merrily Medicated

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As the days get shorter, we find ourselves retreating, with accelerating frequency, to the comfort of the couch.

And with the holidays upon us, what better opportunity to give the gift of cannabis! Here are just a few ideas for those on your (medically-qualified) list of patients, er…friends.

Zen Potion's Big Bang Tea
Zen Potion’s Big Bang Tea

Zen Potion’s Big Bang Tea

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We’re all familiar with the time-honored tradition of pouring a little whiskey in your tea; but what about some THC? The San Francisco-based team at Zen Potion has put together a handful of tea varieties to sooth both your throat and mind on these windy winter evenings. The all-vegan, all-organic, sugar-free Big Bang variety packs includes rooibos, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, rosehip, rose petals, and a strong dose of THC into a toasty treat. Also available in Creativity, Time Travel and Healing varieties (all of which deliver a mellower high). Bonus points: it comes in a little triangular box that looks #StraightOuttaDiagonAlley. (#HarryPotterReference – Ed.)

'The Stoner's Coloring Book'
‘The Stoner’s Coloring Book’

The Stoner’s Coloring Book

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Hey, good news! You don’t need a medical card to buy this coloring book. Created by Jared Hoffman, the volume features more than 40 original illustrations by nine artists, and is designed to both mesmerize and relieve your stress. While Hoffman suggests that it’s perfect for “[settling] down with your ‘kindest buds,’ a stash of junk food, and plenty of good vibes,” any open-minded adult is likely to find peace of mind by tapping into the Zen-like trance of coloring, especially on the handful of gray winter days we get per year, when you’re just looking to inject a little color into the gloom.

Whoopi & Maya products
Whoopi & Maya products

Whoopi & Maya’s Bath Salts

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It’s official: Whoopi Goldberg is in the medical marijuana game. The talk-show host and actress has teamed up with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles and winner of numerous Cannabis Cup awards, to create a collection of medical cannabis products specifically designed to relieve menstrual discomfort. Their product line include rubs, tinctures and edibles. And their most exciting offering is a line of Epsom bath salts called Soak designed to give bathers the most glorious soak this side of Turkey. The salts come in three scents: lavender, something called Amber Moon (is it a metaphor? a moon made of caramel?) and Fragrance-Free. But just to clarify — you’re not gonna get high. It’s just going to feel nice.

Cali Connection Logo
Cali Connection Logo

Seeds from Cali Connection

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A small bundle of seeds from one of the oldest seed producers in the nation is the perfect low-stakes introduction to growing your own plants. Available in countless strains, from the OG Kush to the Blue Dream Haze, cultivating your own plants isn’t just a way to save some cash — it’s the best way to learn about the intricacies, challenges and rewards of home-grown pot.

Runner Ups

For the high-end patients in your family (or if you’ve robbed a bank recently, or have come into an inheritance, or work in tech) there is no stronger product on the market than the VapeXhale. Developed by Bone Thugs n’ Harmony backup dancer and Mortal Kombat stunt double turned entrepreneur Seibo Shen, the Evo model delivers the most thorough and pleasant inhalation out there. Plus, you can carry it around in a suitcase, which makes you look cool, or like you’re in The Matrix.

Napreva Peppermint Tincture

This tincture – spritz it under your tongue for maximum effect – is mostly CBD, versus THC, so it won’t get you terribly stoned. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, or are experiencing any aches this holiday season, this may just be the gift for you.

Gift Cards!
If you know whether the person you’re buying for prefers an indica or a sativa, a concentrate or an eighth, why not just get them a gift card from one of the Bay Area’s many dispensaries, including Cookies SF, Berkeley Patients Group, CBCB or Harborside? You can’t go wrong.


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