What are your thoughts?What are your thoughts?

What we’ve shared here is just a start. What we need now is to hear from you.

Have we adequately described what we do, why we do it and how we do it?

Do you understand KQED’s mission and who’s accountable for making sure we meet the standards we’ve set for ourselves?

Have we been fully transparent about our sources of revenue?

Do we do enough to protect your information and the trust you place in us?

And does all of this help you as you think about what you need to know about other news sources?

Here are some other resources we’ve created that you might find useful:

On the Media, a program from New York’s NPR station WNYC, has a number of resources and tips for evaluating news coverage:
The Breaking News Consumers Handbook (Protest Edition) (Fake News Edition)

Please use the space below to provide your comments, thoughts, questions and concerns. As we receive feedback that makes us look at our policies and practices with an even more critical eye, we will be evolving the Transparency Center and, when necessary, the policies that grow out of it.

This is your KQED.

Table of Contents

An introduction to KQED’s standards and practices

Who is KQED, and what do we do?

Who makes decisions for KQED?

What are our editorial policies and practices?

What do we ask of you, our audience?

How does KQED stay connected to our audiences?

Who funds KQED?

How does KQED protect the information you share?

What are your thoughts?