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May 2022 - KQED Makes Radio Schedule Changes to Respond to Evolving Listening Routines

For many of us, the pandemic has fundamentally changed our work lives and daily routines. This extends to how our radio audiences listen to KQED. Long drives have been replaced by work-from-home arrangements, hybrid workplaces and staggered schedules.

In May 2022, KQED will make optimizations to its radio program schedule to ensure audiences hear the programming they enjoy at the times most convenient to their listening needs and evolving schedules.

Audiences have enjoyed All Things Considered during late-afternoon/early-evening drive times for years. With commutes disrupted for many Bay Area residents, we’re making sure listeners get the news they need by adding an hour of All Things Considered at 1pm The extra hour of All Things Considered will replace The Takeaway.

On weekday evenings, KQED will remake its program schedule by moving our most popular program Forum from 10pm to 8pm. Now listeners will have two opportunities to hear co-hosts Alexis Madrigal and Mina Kim engage with guests and callers about the topics most pertinent to us here in the Bay Area and California before most of us go to bed. The expanded Forum replaces 1A.

The evening expansion of Forum will mean our current 8pm weekday programming, which includes World Affairs, Commonwealth Club, City Arts & Lectures, Science Friday, and Kelly Corrigan Wonders, moves to 10pm. Tech Nation Radio, which airs on Sundays at 10pm, will join the weekday 10pm productions, on Fridays.

Saturday evenings on KQED promise to get even livelier. We’ll kick off the night with Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! at 6pm, followed by This American Life at 7pm; The Moth at 8pm, and Snap Judgment at 9pm. TED Radio Hour will enter the Saturday night lineup at 10pm. We’ll round out the night with a news refresh from the BBC World Service at 11pm. With this change, KQED listeners can hear BBC World Service every night at this same time.

On Sundays, Planet Money will move from evening to 3pm and How I Built This moves to 3:30, while TED Radio Hour moves back an hour to 4pm. The evening will now start off with Hidden Brain at 7pm; Our Body Politic at 8pm; Code Switch at 9pm; Life Kit at 9:30pm; and Splendid Table at 10pm.

Here's a handy visual guide of the changes described above:

Radio schedule changes described in text above

We at KQED welcome your feedback about the upcoming programming changes, which are scheduled to take effect on May 16. Though we expect these changes will positively affect the vast majority of our radio listeners, we also recognize it may inconvenience some. We apologize for the inconvenience to those listeners and welcome your comments and feedback.


Ernesto Aguilar
Director of Radio Programming

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