How does KQED protect the information you share?How does KQED protect the information you share?

If you’re using our digital services (like our website or our streaming services), rest assured that you’re protected by our Privacy Policy.

Per our Privacy Policy:

  • We only collect your personal information when you voluntarily provide it on the KQED Platform.
  • We will honor your browser’s “do not track” setting.
  • We use only cookies on our website to collect aggregated website usage data and to improve our services and your user experience.

You can control your communication preferences and the personal information we use. For instance, if you are subscribed to a KQED email newsletter, you can control settings within your email preference center (available from the "manage subscriptions" link at the bottom of all emails). Also, if you don't want to be reached via phone you can manage that option by contacting our Audience Services Department at (415) 553-2135 or to request this designation or any other change.

If you’re a member or a donor, know that we store your information securely. We’re PCI-compliant. You can find the requirements we meet as set by the PCI Security Standards Council (at

Our Membership List Policy governs our use of your membership data. A few highlights:

  • We will not sell our membership list. To anyone.
  • We periodically rent and/or exchange the names and addresses (and only names and addresses) of members and former members with other organizations, on a onetime basis, without allowing those other organizations to review or retain a copy of that information. Note that those organizations cannot be political parties, political committees, political lobbying organizations or candidates for political office — we will never rent, transfer, provide or exchange our membership list with those entities. If the organization is for-profit, the proposed rental or exchange must be in connection with some benefit to KQED or its members and must be pre-approved by our CEO or COO.
  • If you’re a member or former member, you always have the right to opt out of having your name and address rented and/or exchanged with another organization — just contact our Member Services Department at (415) 553-2150 or to request the “no rental or exchange” designation.
  • That said, there might be times when KQED is required by law or by the courts to make the information on our membership list available to others. We will oppose this to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Read the whole policy.

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