9 Favorite Spicy Dishes in San Francisco (As Chosen By 'Check, Please! Bay Area' Guests)

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Poh Tak – Spicy soup with assorted seafood at Lers Ros

A dish that causes a comfortable burn, perspiration or just the desperate search for a glass of milk can sometimes be exactly what our taste buds need. Over the years, the guests on restaurant review show Check, Please! Bay Area (back with a brand-new season 7:30pm Thursday, April 16 on KQED 9) have raved about a variety of fiery dishes. So if you're in need of a little kick in your cuisine, take a look at their ten favorite spicy dishes in San Francisco...


Lahore Karahi

Restaurant: Lahore Karahi, San Francisco
Season: 5
Recommended by: Liz
Dish: Lamb Vindaloo
Why? “Indian/Pakistani food is spicier than just Indian food, so I like to order plenty of naan and the Lahore Karari rice to soak up all of the rich sauce.”



Angkor Borei

Restaurant: Angkor Borei,  San Francisco
Season: 8
Recommended by: Karen
Dish: Chili Chicken – sautéed with fresh chili peppers, mushrooms, green beans and onions
Why? “The flavors were very distinctly Cambodian.”


Hunan Home's Restaurant

Restaurant: Hunan Home’s Restaurant, San Francisco
Season: 8
Recommended by: Emily
Dish: Orange Peel Chicken with Chile Peppers
Why? “It has a really vibrant orange flavor and it’s perfectly fried! But you gotta watch out for those peppers!”


Kabuto Sushi

Restaurant: Kabuto Sushi, San Francisco
Recommended by: Karrie
Dish: Fire Salmon Roll
Why? “Kabuto challenges your palate to let go and experience something more than classic sushi and sashimi.”



HRD Smokin' Grill

Restaurant: HRD Smokin’ Grill, San Francisco
Season: 8
Recommended by: Caen
Dish: Spicy Zesty Pork Bibimbap – Asian rice bowl w/ seasoned spinach, zesty sprouts, cucumbers, Kimchi, egg and pork
Why? “The flavor profile is amazing!”


Senor Sisig Food Truck

Restaurant: Senor Sisig Food Truck, San Francisco (and other Bay Area locations)
Season: 9
Recommened by: Suki
Dish: Spicy Pork Senor Sisig Burrito
Why? “It was full of flavors and incredibly spicy.”


Lers Ros

Restaurant: Lers Ros, San Francisco
Season: 7
Recommended by: Roger
Dish: Poh Tak – Spicy soup with assorted seafood
Why? “By far the best Thai food I’ve ever had!”



Restaurant: Esperpento, San Francisco
Season: 2
Recommended by: Richland
Dish: Pollo Adobo
Why? “The tender chicken pieces were served in a spicy chili sauce that was delicious.”


Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant

Restaurant: Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant, San Francisco
Season: 1
Recommended by: Karen
Dish: “Extremely Hot Pepper”
Why? “The food here is exquisite!”


Is there a fiery dish in San Francisco (or somewhere else around the Bay Area) you'd particularly recommend? Leave a comment — or weigh in on the Check, Please Bay Area Facebook Page, where we talk about food 24/7!