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On TV: Latinx Heritage Month — September 2022

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KQED is proud to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month starting in September with a special TV programming lineup. Premiere dates are listed below.

Want to check out more of KQED's Latinx content? Check out kqed.org/latinx


8:30am Alma’s Way
Ever wish you could pause life long enough to figure out the answers to all your problems? Alma can! Follow her adventures in Alma's Way, as she learns to think for herself-making mistakes and decisions and finding solutions along the way!

10am and 1:30pm Rosie’s Rules (NEW SERIES, launches Oct 3)
Rosie's Rules is an animated preschool comedy series that follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, an inquisitive and hilarious 5-year-old girl just starting to learn about the wow-mazing world beyond her family walls. And she is ready to learn it all…by figuring it out herself.

Tuesdays at 7pm (NEW SEASON starts 9/20) & Sundays at 10am
Pati’s Mexican Table brings authentic Mexican flavors, colors, textures and warmth into American kitchens. A former policy analyst focused on Latin American politics and history, Pati Jinich is a chef, cooking teacher, food writer and mother of three whose true passion lies in sharing the tastes of her childhood and culinary adventures in her native country.


Thurs, 9/15

10:30pm La Otra Mirada: Tobacco, Pants and Jazz (NEW SERIES)
After the mysterious murder of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon, Teresa follows a lead to a young girls' academy in Seville. Teresa decides to pose as a teacher and applies for a place at the academy.

Sat, 9/17

Crossing South: Rancho Ojai, Tecate Beer, Asao airs at 3:30pm on KQED 9

3:30pm Crossing South: Rancho Ojai, Tecate Beer, Asao
Today we enjoy a trip to a place called "Rancho Ojai." A quaint little getaway with cabins, pool, bikes, and miniature golf. Next we move back into the town of Tecate, and visit the famous Tecate Beer factory. This beer was named after this town, so we had to check it out. Finally we visit a restaurant that everybody was telling us about, Asao, which actually means "Food" in Kumiai.

Thurs, 9/22

10:30pm La Otra Mirada: A Vote of Confidence (NEW)
Rumors about Teresa are beginning to spread as she resembles the suspect in the murder of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon. Meanwhile, the academy is involved in a crisis forcing Manuela and Luisa to compete for the principal position.

Sat, 9/24

3:30pm Crossing South: Camels, Jetpacks & Laja
Oh boy, just when you think it can't get any more adventurous than riding a camel on the beach, Joe from Rosarito Ocean Sports lets us in on some extreme watersports action. Join Host Jorge Meraz as he rides a water-powered jetpack for the first time. It's no easy task for a show host afraid of water, sharks, and heights. Next, we sit down and have a bite to eat at the famous Laja Restaurant.

4pm Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas: San Jose
We travel to Costa Rica's capital city, San Jose. In the capital, we meet with one the country's most renowned writers, whose career spans more than 50 years and is responsible for introducing the Afro-Costa Rican experience in Costa Rican literature. We will also meet up with a dancer whose grace, style and elegance will charm viewers as she demonstrates some Afro-Caribbean inspired dance movements. Our journey also includes dinner with two sisters of the country's first black vice president. They were engaging as they shared their family's traditions and legacy of Afro-Costa Rican pride.

 Sun 9/25

7pm La Frontera with Pati Jinich: Miles from Nowhere
Acclaimed chef and James Beard Award-winning host Pati Jinich travels from El Paso and Juarez to Big Bend National Park. She discovers the people, places and food -- from burritos to Middle Eastern cuisine -- that make this region unique.

Tue 9/27

American Masters: Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It airs at 9pm on KQED 9

9pm American Masters: Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It
Discover how Moreno defied her humble upbringing and racism to become one of a select group of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winners. Explore her 70-year career with new interviews, clips of her iconic roles and scenes of the star on set today.

11pm Voces on PBS: Letters to Eloisa
A haunting portrait of a writer's life and struggle for artistic freedom, meet Cuba's Jose Lezama Lima, an all but forgotten figure of the Latin American literary boom that included Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz and Mario Vargas Llosa.

Thurs, 9/29

10:30pm La Otra Mirada: Portraits in Pastel Tones (NEW)
Angela goes with her family to take a portrait and meets Paula, an artist who awakens unknown feelings in her. Teresa meets an old acquaintance from Lisbon. Though her punishment is lifted, Roberta does not want to attend the Autumn Ball.

 Fri 9/30

8pm Singing Our Way to Freedom (NEW)
Singing Our Way to Freedom chronicles the life and music of Ramon "Chunky" Sanchez, from his humble beginnings as a farmworker in Blythe, California to the dramatic moment when he received one of our nation's highest musical honors at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Chunky's arc of transformation from marginalized farm kid to charismatic social activist shows how one person can mobilize people to change the world.

9pm 35th Hispanic Heritage Awards (NEW)
Celebrate the recipients of the 35th annual Hispanic Heritage Awards. The evening commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month includes performances and appearances by some of the country's most celebrated Hispanic artists and visionaries.

10pm Great Performances: Roots of Latin Jazz
Celebrate the rhythms of Latin music with the Raices Jazz Orchestra and performances by GRAMMY-winning artists including Richard Bona and Anaadi. Hosted by Sheila E.

11pm The David Rubenstein Show: Peer to Peer Conversations (NEW)
Join financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein as he talks with the most influential leaders in business to uncover their stories and their paths to success. Each episode features an interview with one business leader.

Sat, 10/1
3:30pm Crossing South: Rosarito Beach Hotel & Scuba
Join Jorge Moraz as he tours the most famous hotel of Baja with Hugo Torres, the Father of Rosarito. A fascinating person, Torres has been Mayor several times and is the owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Learn more about his hotel and the history of the region that dates back to before WWII. We then learn about the beautiful Coronado Islands off the coast, and all the wildlife found below the surface. Afterwards, Jorge takes a scuba diving lesson with a young scuba diving expert.

Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas: Limon, Costa Rica airs at 4pm on KQED 9

4pm Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas: Limon, Costa Rica
 We travel to Limon, Costa Rica, on the Caribbean coast. This sun drenched coastal city is steeped in African Diasporic history including a legacy by Pan Africanist Marcus Garvey. We also learn about the role thousands of Jamaicans, Afro-Costa Ricans and other Caribbean islanders played in the construction of the country's railroad more than a century ago. While on the Caribbean coast, one of the most beloved restaurateurs teaches us how to cook rondon, the Jamaican inspired seafood stew.

Sun 10/2

6:30 Cheech
Through the palette of the Los Tejanos Art Exhibit, The Cheech explores Cheech Marin's lifelong advocacy of the Chicano Art Movement, and his journey to develop the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art, Culture and Industry. With original score by Grammy Nominated musician El Dusty, The Cheech takes a fascinating look at a national icon's love affair with art, and his incredible contribution to promote and preserve a vital part of American cultural identity.

La Frontera with Pati Jinich: From Dos Laredos to Mars airs at 7pm on KQED 9

7pm La Frontera with Pati Jinich: From Dos Laredos to Mars
Chef Pati Jinich travels from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo to Brownsville, Texas. She learns how tight-knit family bonds are an underlying theme connecting everything in the Laredos and throughout La Frontera.

Tue 10/4

11pm The Latino Experience: Episode One
A little boy tries to help his sickly grandfather. Women grapple with life on the border. Latinx letterpress printers combine art with social practice. A sentimentalist works to fulfill her bucket list. LGBTQ dance couples blaze a trail.

Thurs, 10/6

10:30pm La Otra Mirada: Right to Privacy  (NEW)
Teachers discover that students are receiving erotic literature. Luisa starts teaching sex-ed and accepts help from Teresa. Meanwhile, Roberta receives a mysterious letter.

Tue 10/11

11pm The Latino Experience: Episode Two
A young girl makes an image-altering decision. A Guatemalan truck driver and pastor copes with the pandemic. A mystical mechanic helps a boy fix his mother's car. A pregnant MBA student's due date and exam date conflict, forcing her to make a choice.

Thurs, 10/13

10:30pm La Otra Mirada: The Life I Want to Live  (NEW)
 A photo of Roberta causes rifts between her classmates. Macarena attacks another student, leading to severe consequences. Teresa questions Roberta about what happened between her and Rafita.


Pati’s Mexican Table airs at 12pm on KQED 9

12pm Pati’s Mexican Table
Pati’s Mexican Table brings authentic Mexican flavors, colors, textures and warmth into American kitchens. A former policy analyst focused on Latin American politics and history, Pati Jinich is a chef, cooking teacher, food writer and mother of three whose true passion lies in sharing the tastes of her childhood and culinary adventures in her native country.

Thu 9/15

5pm Crossing South: San Pedro Martir Observatory
Get ready to explore the national observatory of Mexico on the mountains of Baja. Jorge talks with a Mexican scientist doing research on galaxies. We also observe the deer and coyote wildlife as well as take a hike through the redwood forests surrounding the telescopes. Coming back, we visit Meling Ranch where Jorge learns about the history of the area and attempts to hunt soda cans.

Sun 9/18

6pm Latino Americans: Foreigners in Their Own Land
Survey the history and people from 1565-1880, as the first Spanish explorers enter North America, the U.S. expands into territories in the Southwest that had been home to Native Americans and English and Spanish colonies, and as the Mexican-American War strips Mexico of half its territories by 1848.

7pm Latino Americans: Empire of Dreams
See how the American population is reshaped by Latino immigration starting in 1880 and continuing into the 1940s: Cubans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans begin arriving in the U.S. and start to build communities in South Florida, Los Angeles and New York.

187 airs at 10:30pm on KQED 9

10:30pm 187
 The documentary chronicles Proposition 187, a California ballot measure passed in 1994 that sought to deny public services to undocumented immigrants. While the initiative was meant to keep the "immigrant threat" at bay, it mobilized non-immigrants and immigrants in Latino communities as well as their allies across the state. The political awakening of this powerful group would dramatically change the state's electoral politics, transforming the state into a Blue and progressive state for the first time.

Thurs 9/22

5pm Crossing South: Guerrero Negro Whale Petting
There is something very special that happens in Baja every year. Thousands of whales migrate here each spring where it makes for some of the best whale watching on earth. Follow Jorge as we check out Guerrero Negro, where we not only see the whales, but pet them! We also get a chance to visit the largest salt mine on earth, which happens to be in the same town.

Sun 9/25

6pm Latino Americans: War and Peace
Trace the World War II years and those that follow, as Latino Americans serve their new country by the hundreds of thousands - yet still face discrimination and a fight for civil rights in the United States.

7pm Latino Americans: The New Latinos
Review the decades after World War II through the early 1960s, as swelling numbers of immigrants from Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic seek economic opportunities.

Thurs 9/29

5pm Crossing South: Sandboarding and Hunting
Today on Crossing South we go to the Northeast corner of Baja California where we sand-board down the sand dunes in the small town of Algodones, discover a desert oasis called Canon de Guadalupe, and finally go hunting in the farm country to the South of Mexicali.

 Sun 10/2

6pm Latino Americans: Pride and Prejudice
Witness the creation of the proud "Chicano" identity as labor leaders organize farm workers in California, and as activists push for better education opportunities for Latinos, the inclusion of Latino studies and empowerment in the political process.

7pm Latino Americans: Peril and Promise
 Examine the past 30 years, as a second wave of Cubans and hundreds of thousands Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Guatemalans flee to the U.S., creating a debate over undocumented immigrants that leads to calls for tightened borders, English-only laws and efforts to brand the undocumented as a drain on public resources. Simultaneously, the Latino influence is booming in business, sports, media, politics and entertainment. Latino Americans become the largest and youngest growing sector of the American population.

Mon 10/3

Oceans of Pink airs at 5:30 on KQED 9

5:30pm Oceans of Pink
Oceans of Pink is an inspirational one-hour documentary that highlights the explosive growth of dragon boat racing among breast cancer survivors globally, and the growing participation in the sport among Hispanic women. The film follows the efforts of Miami boat leader and breast cancer survivor Kim Bonomo to expand the movement with new teams throughout Florida and her campaign to make the state the host of the Fourth International Participatory Dragon Boat Festival. It's an emotional journey that tells the stories of several Latina women whose struggles with the disease became more desperate because of their advanced-stage diagnosis.

Thu 10/6

5pm Crossing South: Mexicali & Tecate
Today, we try a zip-line at the city park, meet an off-road race organizer, try some beer at El Zume pub, discover the natural wonder of La Rumorosa, play in the snow, and eat sweet bread in Tecate.

Thu 10/13

5pm Crossing South: Race Cars, French Food, & Architecture
Host Jorge Meraz tests out race cars, tries some exquisite French Cuisine, and learns about an architectural wonder of a hotel in the Baja wine country called "Encuentro Guadalupe.


 Mon 9/12

4pm Major League Cuban Baseball
Major League Cuban Baseball traces the experiences of Cubans at the most accomplished levels of America's national pastime - baseball - and explores their deep cultural and emotional connection to the game. In 1874, the first official baseball game was held on the island of Cuba, in defiance of Spanish colonial law. After Cuba gained its independence from Spain, the sport became an integral part of the Cuban identity. The program documents Cuban ball players' presence in the budding American professional leagues of the late 1800s, and their impact on American baseball in the early 20th century.

Thu 9/15     

4pm POV: America
 Diego lives away from his family, where he scrubs wax in a surf shop by day and stilt-walks the malecon by night. He returns home after his grandmother, America, falls from her bed, leading to his father's arrest for elder neglect.

5pm America ReFramed: Five Years North
Five Years North is the story of America's immigration system through the eyes of Luis and Judy. Luis is an undocumented Guatemalan boy who arrives alone in New York City with little support and many responsibilities. Judy is a veteran ICE agent with Cuban American and Puerto Rican roots, who must weigh the human cost of her work against the future her family would face without her paycheck.

Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic of Words airs at 6:30pm on KQED 9

6:30pm Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic of Words
 Rudolfo Anaya was the first Hispanic American writer to achieve major publishing success with his landmark novel, Bless Me, Ultima, in print since 1972. Recipient of the National Medal for the Arts, Anaya has demonstrated a lifelong determination to persevere - through poverty, catastrophic injury and an almost insurmountable artistic struggle to publish - and in the end, succeed. "Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic Of Words," is a vital reference to the authentic culture of Hispanic New Mexico. And while the wellspring of Anaya's stories is New Mexico, his insight is invaluable to understand the quest by all Hispanic Americans for cultural identity, recognition and respect.

Wed 9/21                

4pm Los Hermanos/The Brothers
Virtuoso Afro-Cuban-born brothers-violinist Ilmar and pianist Aldo-live on opposite sides of a geopolitical chasm a half-century wide. Tracking their parallel lives in New York and Havana, their poignant reunion, and their momentous first performances together, Los Hermanos/ The Brothers offers a nuanced, often startling view of estranged nations through the lens of music and family. Featuring a genre-bending score composed by Cuban Aldo Lopez-Gavilan performed with his American brother, Ilmar, and with guest appearances by maestro Joshua Bell and the Grammy-winning Harlem Quartet.

5:30pm POV: Stateless
 An electoral campaign uncovers the complex history and politics of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Follow families of those affected by the 2013 legislation stripping citizenship from Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Thu 9/22     

5pm America ReFramed: We Like It Like That
This program tells the story of Latin boogaloo is New York City. It is a product of the melting pot, a colorful expression of 1960s Latino soul, straight from the streets of El Barrio, the South Bronx and Brooklyn. Starring Latin boogaloo legends like Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon and Pete Rodriguez, the doc explores this lesser-known, but pivotal moment in Latin music history, through original interviews, music recordings, live performances, dancing and rare archival footage and images. From its origins to its recent resurgence in popularity, the film tells the story of a sound that redefined a generation and was too funky to keep down.

6:30pm Salsa! The Dance Sensation
Dubbed by many the most popular social dance in the world, it is practiced today by people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. In South Florida, this Latin-flavored dance, infused with Caribbean and African roots, is performed with distinct passion and artistry. From the nightclubs to the performance halls, from senior centers to salsa schools, the dance that began as a folk tradition has exploded into the mainstream. Today, an array of stories, histories, and traditions are recounted on dance floors across the region. From Casino-style to Colombian, from Puerto Rican to Dominican, the varied styles of the dance help delineate cultural identities, while also creating connections and friendships.

Thu 9/29

Building the American Dream airs on 4pm on KQED 9

4pm Building the American Dream
Travel to Texas, where immigrant construction workers are seeking justice and equality in an industry rife with exploitation. Across the state, there's an unprecedented building boom, fueled by Latino laborers with little or no rights.

5pm America ReFramed: The Unafraid
 Banned from attending Georgia's top five public universities and from paying in-state tuition at other public colleges in the state, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students like Alejandro, Silvia, and Aldo unite through their activist work with an immigrants' rights group. A humanizing portrait of undocumented students and their families, we enter their homes and learn of their struggles, as working families like theirs support their sons and daughters in pursuit of their dreams for life, liberty, and happiness.

Fri 9/30

4pm Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion
With unprecedented access to Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits, Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion looks at the present-day reality of the Cuban Revolution and its uncertain post-Castro future, and the conflicts that have engulfed Cuba for the past six decades. The Cuban Revolution took place before many Cubans today were even born. But what is the legacy of this historic movement? What will happen to the government and to the island nation's citizens after the Castro brothers are no longer in power?

Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution airs at 5pm on KQED 9

5pm Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution
Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution tells the virtually unknown story of Cuban revolutionaries Frank Pais and Juan Antonio Echeverria. Working largely independently from each other, these young men - a school teacher and architecture student, respectively - played critical roles in the eventual overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar, although their names seldom appear alongside their more famous contemporaries, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Scholar Lillian Guerra, of Yale and Florida State University, explains: "It is as if we told the tale of the American Revolution as solely Washington's story, leaving out Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and others." New scholarship and recently accessed footage challenge the prevailing view - in part manufactured and perpetuated by Che Guevara - that Castro's army of 200 guerillas single-handedly defeated tens of thousands of Batista's professional soldiers and liberated the people of Cuba.


6:30 Re-Evolution: Salud
Re-Evolution: Salud is part of filmmaker Cray Novick's ongoing, thoughtful look at Cuba and its culture. This special focuses on Cuba's unique management of health and agricultural resources, and how development in these areas could highlight possible solutions to global challenges. The program follows a Cuban doctor and nurse on home visits to see how Cubans access healthcare, while a focus on biomedical technology in the country reveals how the ongoing U.S. embargo has impacted distribution of medicines that have promise in helping with symptoms of diabetes.

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