4 Podcasts to Make You a More Interesting Person

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Ever wish you could just... up your conversational game a little? Feeling like you want to explore new worlds, and then share your knowledge?

KQED's podcast family has got you. From pop culture to education, just pick your interest, head to your podcast player and press play on your daily commute or next road trip. Your brunch conversations will thank us.

  1. The Cooler

    The Cooler, KQED's weekly podcast on all things pop culture, is back in the saddle for its fourth season! Hosts Emmanuel Hapsis, Carly Severn, and Jamedra Brown Fleischman continue to find deeper meaning in what’s going on in the world of music, movies, and TV, share quirky history they didn’t teach you in school, and ask celebrities like W. Kamau Bell, Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen nosy questions. So what are you waiting for? Meet your three new besties by subscribing to The Cooler on iTunes or visiting kqed.org/thecooler!

  2. Bay Curious

    Introducing a podcast about the unexplored San Francisco Bay Area! Each week each bite-sized episode dives deep into the mysteries that make this area quirky, delightful and, at times, dysfunctional. It's a show about questions — and the adventures you stumble upon when you go looking for answers. Now here's the twist: You ask the questions. You decide what the hosts work on. And sometimes, you'll even help find the answer.

  3. The Leap

    From a doctor’s controversial LSD treatments to a mother’s high-risk efforts to recover her abducted child to a punk rock pioneer’s radical career reinvention, these are stories of people making dramatic, risky changes—and the big and small decisions that change the course of lives. Hosted by award­­­-winning journalist Judy Campbell.

  4. MindShift

    MindShift explores the future of education by investigating innovations and issues that are shaping how kids learn. Emotional safety, trust, and relationships: this season, we investigate the intangible, and often overlooked, elements of academic success. You’ll hear how teacher home visits can help parents see themselves as a valued a partner in their child’s education; how far a public high school goes to develop an inclusive experience for the crucial transition to ninth grade; how parents and schools can address childhood trauma so it doesn’t become an obstacle to learning, and what parents and communities can do to help kids grow.